22 June 2015

Song Of A Jogin

Far across the sky,
among meandering waves of Akaash- Ganga,
a “jogin” sings the song of night.

Drenched from tip to toe,
with devotion to the great Yogi : “Shiva”,
she hums the song of night.

White serene Mount Kailash,
exudes peace of the flowers,
resonates with jogin’s song of night.

As dawn breaks,
sun shines,
jogin opens her eyes,
and finds the great yogi,
standing right behind.

This poem depicts the love and eternal devotion of Maa  Parvati to Lord Shiva. Lord Shiva was impressed with her true devotion and made Parvati his wife.

Jogin : A female devotee totally devoted to god and has nothing to do with the world and its affairs.

Akash- Ganga : The Milky Way Galaxy.

Mount Kailash  :  Abode of Lord Shiva

18 June 2015

His Grace

Lord Shiva
on earth, in air,
his grace.

He knows of
our tears, our pains,
for it is,
his grace.

His heart
resides in us,
knowing our rhythms, by,
his grace.

God’s watchful eyes,
watch from above.
Showering eternal love,
his grace.

12 June 2015

Hot Indian Summer : Palindrome Poetry

Sun burning hot
Lakes sans water
Parched lands
Dry winds
Dying life
Life dying
Winds dry
Lands parched
Water sans lakes
Hot burning sun

11 June 2015

I Cave In…………….

I walk the trail,
leading to hills,
tossing around pebbles,
souvenirs of moments,
that hold my soul.

Up on the hills,
a black hole of nirvana,
soaks me in its embrace,
falling deep into its maze,
with peace in my heart

I cave in.

09 June 2015


Candle flame flickers
with a breath of breeze
                               still burns bright
              the starry lights.

Its existence, its essence
that keeps the flame
                   glowing and nourishing
                                              slowly melts.
in her hands.

Darkest And Deepest Nights

In the darkest and deepest nights,
when loneliness is by my side,
your thoughts glide in my mind,
reclaiming me from myself.

I close my eyes,
to wander in dreams with you beside,
a mirage, an imagination,
accompany me in the darkest and deepest nights.

My heart cries aloud,
a handful of wishes spilling out,
leaving traces of forgotten yestereens,
shadowed in the blankets,
of darkest and deepest nights.

07 June 2015

For My Mother – In – Law

Your heart, pure gold,
an ocean of love it holds.

Your eyes brightly aglow
with compassion they flow.

Your motherly care,
a soft warm air.

Your affectionate embrace,
wipes out my painful trace.

Your heartfelt blessings,
envelope me in protective wings.

Your soul pious of all,
quenching my thirst like waterfall.

Dedicated to my sweet mother - in -law.  She has always supported and encouraged me, she loves me like her own daughter . Her love and affection have always lifted me up. I wish every girl gets a mother- in -law like her.