11 December 2017

The Stars Are With Me Tonight

            the sky is a dark yard,
            and the moon dimly lit alone,
            all the lullabies of the night are silent,
cicadas quiet,          
fireflies not glowing bright.
There is stillness in the night,
for the stars are with me tonight.


  1. How cool if the stars came for a visit.
    I mean, would you serve tea? cakes? i dunno.

    Without the stars, I imagine the world would be
    a much quieter place.

  2. You create a most peaceful scene. This is beautiful.

  3. This is beautiful Vandana! I love the line, "the sky is a dark yard".

  4. Love this... I just wish they could come by those stars.

  5. That would be a wonderful kind of heaven - but then again, I would want to share.
    Anna :o]

  6. I miss the noises of the night creatures once the cold weather settles in, but yes, there is beauty in the silence too.

  7. very nice. happy new year.

  8. Like Sarah, I sighed when I was done reading. Love the sense of peach and wonder, the soothing images that stroke the mind line after line. And the ending is just lovely.


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