23 December 2017

The Feeling Of You

Don’t know,
when your thoughts were seeded in me?

May be in previous life,
may be from many past births.

Slowly those thoughts,
transformed into your faded silhouette.

Yearnings for you grew day by day,
wanting to meet you in every way.

One day you stood,
before me,
songs echoed from paradise,
waves from ocean were on the rise.

You were,
injured and hurt,
 from commotions of the world.

May be one day,
I would be able to heal you.
May be one day,
we would be together.
May be one day,
you would be mine forever.


  1. Dreaming, loving and healing all conform well to a slow process. luv the mood of your poem today Vandana for its nostalgic pace

    Here's wishing You and Yours A Very Merry Christmas

    much love...

  2. Often it takes a lot of time until those injuries heal. Love can surely help a lot. Wishing you all the best and Merry Christmas

  3. A wondrous dance of longing... may it all come true.

  4. Healing can be a very slow process, but it helps when an understanding soul is there for you.

  5. A lost soul mate only you can save. Lovely write Vandana

  6. very good. happy holidays.

  7. Such yearning...when the heart calls.
    Wishing you a Merry Christmas and lovely new year!

  8. The question in the opening lines and the repetition effectively wrap around the slow transformation of the 'seeded' thoughts. Deliciously done. Merry Christmas!


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