16 November 2017

What Dreams Are made Of?

Ask a child what dreams are made of?
For a child,
Dreams are dipped in chocolate and marmalade,
A yummy sweet candy and uncountable holidays.

Ask a bird what dreams are made of?
For a bird,
Dreams are seeds, spread lavishly,
A cage free life, flying refreshingly.

Ask a youth what dreams are made of?
For a youth,
Dreams are conquering the impossible,
Rising towards the sky unstoppable.

Ask an old man what dreams are made of?
For an old man,
Dreams are nothing, but scattered imaginations,
For him they are just whims and fascinations.

Ask a wanderer what dreams are made of?
A wanderer,
Dreams of a perfect world,
A world welcoming all, where truth unfurls.


  1. Such a delightful poem, filled with far more than the eyes can see. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I love to be the wanderer. Lovely!

  3. Dreams of a perfect world,
    A world welcoming all,
    where truth unfurls

    A wanderer makes himself nearer to knowing the truth with lots of discoveries. Rightly so Vandana!


  4. Or we just dream of the world, and being out there in it, away from all the busy-ness. A wanderer and all. I dream of trails yet followed.

    It is interesting how our dreams change over time.
    Unless we hold onto them.
    And never give up.

  5. Yes, mine are wanderer dreams of perfect worlds..

  6. This is incredible deep and beautiful, Vandana!πŸ’˜ I think this is my favorite from you. One I would love to keep re-reading!πŸ’˜

  7. Love the idea of dreams made of what we believe we want (or are).

  8. Love the meanings of dreams for all. Enjoyed this😊

  9. Our dreams change as we age, as we grow. but the last stanza is a dream for us to keep for all of our lives.

  10. Dreams are so much for so many... and when I walk my dreams improve... I'm getting old I think

  11. I dream of a perfect world too. If only dreams could come true...
    Anna :o]

  12. I like the bird's dream. I can relate to that one:)

  13. I believe your wanderer dreamer is where I fit in. Beautiful poem

  14. Dreams can mean so many things to so many people... as you wrote about the different dreams, I thought about all the stages of my life and how I have gone through many of these... I think we always need to dream xox


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