23 November 2017

Bitter Sweet Love

In your fragrant memories,
I relive the days of our yore.

We fly above the clouds,
holding dreams in our eyes,
of a life we once wished for us.

Together we stand,
beneath the same moon,
you on one shore and I on another.

If only,
time could turn,
shores could meet.

this is,
a kind of love,
love bitter sweet.

16 November 2017

What Dreams Are made Of?

Ask a child what dreams are made of?
For a child,
Dreams are dipped in chocolate and marmalade,
A yummy sweet candy and uncountable holidays.

Ask a bird what dreams are made of?
For a bird,
Dreams are seeds, spread lavishly,
A cage free life, flying refreshingly.

Ask a youth what dreams are made of?
For a youth,
Dreams are conquering the impossible,
Rising towards the sky unstoppable.

Ask an old man what dreams are made of?
For an old man,
Dreams are nothing, but scattered imaginations,
For him they are just whims and fascinations.

Ask a wanderer what dreams are made of?
A wanderer,
Dreams of a perfect world,
A world welcoming all, where truth unfurls.

02 November 2017

Secret Desires

Secret desires,
flow through,
my flesh,
in your aroma.

As night,
with her moon,
our thoughts,
become one.

01 November 2017

Who Is Who?

Oh! Great Saints,
my mind hurts in vain,
heal my soul,
relieve me from this pain,
and the questions unanswered…………….

We dance to the universal rhythms,
the cosmic vibrations we unknowingly follow,
thinking of them as our great endeavours.

Everything is set,
the pattern, the path, the words,
we merely step on them,
and consider as our chosen world.

Call it hard work, luck or destiny,
we fail, we rise, we do what we do,
and name it our will.

But, who is pulling the strings?
Who is the master puppeteer?

The one with the trident?
Our mind’s own fallacies?

{Note: In Hinduism, God Shiva holds Trident.}