27 September 2017

Aquamarine Gem

calming the blues,
                               ~ a gift from Neptune.
Gem of,
good luck,
everlasting youth,
                               ~ a blessed truth.

For dVerse poets pub

22 September 2017

Flowers of Spring: Anacreontic Verse

Flowers of spring
dangle in the wind
spreading happiness
all around
misty morning
greets the hills
ensconcing spirits
in its shawl
fragrant wind
sprawls over
mind, heart and body.
A happy heart
among clouds
singing songs.
Country songs
fly with birds
a paradise
of nature
on heaven and earth.

Anacreontic verse is an Ancient Greek lyrical form, consisting of 20- to 30-line poems with three to five syllables per line.

16 September 2017

Wild Rose: Rhyming Wave

Flourishing in the spiny bush,
the spiny, spiny, spiny bush-
swaying to melodies of thrush,
swaying to rhythmic breeze.

Snuggling around the tall trees,
the tall, tall, tall trees-
listening to the sounds of bees,
listening to every heartbeat.

Its fragrance fills the air sweet,
the air, air ,air sweet-
a delightful red rosy treat.
a delightful lovely rosy sight.

The sunshine glow kisses it right,
kisses ,kisses, kisses it right-
imparting the golden delight,
imparting the sparkling hues.

Flourishing in the spiny bush,
imparting the sparkling hues.

The Rhyming Wave is a poetry form created by Katharine L. Sparrow, American writer and poet who writes on Allpoetry.com.

14 September 2017


Ringing through bluish nebula,
A string of watery pearls rolls down as,
Indra’s jet black curls,
Nature’s dance from heaven to earth.

Indra: The Hindu God of rain.

09 September 2017

Autumnal Hues

 Red, burgundy, scarlet, orange, yellow,
petunias, gillenias,purplish glowing mallows,
hand painted master strokes,
polka dots on nature’s cloak.

Harvest season calling all,
cherish bounties of the fall,
varied delectable autumnal hues,
relish the colourful views.

Lost leaves floating around,
to heavenly abode bound,
life leaking drop by drop,
an ephemeral stop.

Red, burgundy, scarlet, orange, yellow,
petunias, gillenias,purplish glowing mallows,
Harvest season calling all,
cherish bounties of the fall.


06 September 2017

Magic Is Everywhere

Abundant beauty of nature,
Is for every creature,
Be it minuscule or giant.

Glorious morning, bright noon,
Magic of silky nights, milky moon,
Their grandeur unsurpassed.

Come and revel in moonlight,
Fly with every bird’s flight,
Feel the magic of nature’s voice.

In air, water, earth, dreams,
Among the serpentine streams,
Under the thick snowy layers,
Nature’s magic is everywhere.

02 September 2017

Night's Retreat

In this hut,
That stands on a hillock,
Covered with mosses, climbers and ferns,
Shimmers an old lantern,
Inviting lone, tired travellers,
To rest a while, breathe in fresh air.

The old lantern’s radiant light,
Gives many souls respite.
The off beaten path,
That only a few dare take,
Despite the odds, storms, rains and heat,
This hut with its old lantern is their night’s retreat.