23 December 2017

The Feeling Of You

Don’t know,
when your thoughts were seeded in me?

May be in previous life,
may be from many past births.

Slowly those thoughts,
transformed into your faded silhouette.

Yearnings for you grew day by day,
wanting to meet you in every way.

One day you stood,
before me,
songs echoed from paradise,
waves from ocean were on the rise.

You were,
injured and hurt,
 from commotions of the world.

May be one day,
I would be able to heal you.
May be one day,
we would be together.
May be one day,
you would be mine forever.

22 December 2017

The Stormy Night

That one stormy night,
when I saw your bright eyes,
my life was never the same,
call it a whim, a fancy or give it any name.

You were lost in the rain,
drenched with past pain.
We made our way out,
from that stormy night,
but, my life was never the same,
call it a whim, a fancy or give it any name.

I wait for you,
my eternal sunshine,
like a leaf,
that waits for the morning dew,
to touch and glisten the leaf in its hue.

11 December 2017

The Stars Are With Me Tonight

            the sky is a dark yard,
            and the moon dimly lit alone,
            all the lullabies of the night are silent,
cicadas quiet,          
fireflies not glowing bright.
There is stillness in the night,
for the stars are with me tonight.

23 November 2017

Bitter Sweet Love

In your fragrant memories,
I relive the days of our yore.

We fly above the clouds,
holding dreams in our eyes,
of a life we once wished for us.

Together we stand,
beneath the same moon,
you on one shore and I on another.

If only,
time could turn,
shores could meet.

this is,
a kind of love,
love bitter sweet.

16 November 2017

What Dreams Are made Of?

Ask a child what dreams are made of?
For a child,
Dreams are dipped in chocolate and marmalade,
A yummy sweet candy and uncountable holidays.

Ask a bird what dreams are made of?
For a bird,
Dreams are seeds, spread lavishly,
A cage free life, flying refreshingly.

Ask a youth what dreams are made of?
For a youth,
Dreams are conquering the impossible,
Rising towards the sky unstoppable.

Ask an old man what dreams are made of?
For an old man,
Dreams are nothing, but scattered imaginations,
For him they are just whims and fascinations.

Ask a wanderer what dreams are made of?
A wanderer,
Dreams of a perfect world,
A world welcoming all, where truth unfurls.

02 November 2017

Secret Desires

Secret desires,
flow through,
my flesh,
in your aroma.

As night,
with her moon,
our thoughts,
become one.

01 November 2017

Who Is Who?

Oh! Great Saints,
my mind hurts in vain,
heal my soul,
relieve me from this pain,
and the questions unanswered…………….

We dance to the universal rhythms,
the cosmic vibrations we unknowingly follow,
thinking of them as our great endeavours.

Everything is set,
the pattern, the path, the words,
we merely step on them,
and consider as our chosen world.

Call it hard work, luck or destiny,
we fail, we rise, we do what we do,
and name it our will.

But, who is pulling the strings?
Who is the master puppeteer?

The one with the trident?
Our mind’s own fallacies?

{Note: In Hinduism, God Shiva holds Trident.}

31 October 2017

Autumn in City

On these long trailing charcoal roads,
colourful leaves loiter around,
 a nature's carpet on  concrete.

City dwellers rejoice the scene,
this tiny thing of joy,
paints the landscape in between.

A city that shines in neon lights,
knows not of earthy lights,
prays to the sky, moon and stars,
to sprinkle glitter on the dark.

A balmy air with scented leaves,
reminds the city of autumnal treats.

23 October 2017

The Tiny Seed

The tiny seed,
knows not of its power,
that sleeps within.

Fertile ground,
its nurturing sound,
a home the tiny seed has found.

Rainy love,
from skies above,
drenches the seed,
shaping its need.

Buds sprout,
happily spring out,
a labour of love.

Shoots gaze,
to the blue yonder with maze,
dreaming of it unfazed.

The tree rises,
step by step
up and up.

The power of seed,
this tree holds.

A story of faith,
the tiny seed unfolds.

First published in "The Ashvamegh International Journal & Literary Magazine"

16 October 2017

Sprawling Autumn Ground

Sprawling autumn ground,
displays beauty, astound.

It's crystal clear ponds,
 teem with life,far and beyond,
fragrant floral blooms,
absorb life's gloom.

Ah! beautiful autumn,
gives a message so important,
to forget and forgive,
to live and let live.

11 October 2017

Autumn Fest

Arrives secretly and majestically,

Under the burrows, above the trees,

Takes away summery breeze,

Umber shades in red, orange traces,

Mix with green leafy faces,

Now, is the time for bounty harvest.

                                                              ~ Autumn is the season,
                                                                 celebrating life’s fest.

10 October 2017

My Dream Cottage, Somewhere

Surrounded by towering trees,
that sway to the song of breeze,
wild bushes lining the fields,
a scene of serenity and peace.

Red brick wall,
 a picture of glowing sun,
slanting slate roof,
a cup of sky turned upside down.

Dirt road running all over the hills,
with grassy sidewalks,
lead to the dream cottage,
located somewhere.


I love
the smell of decaying leaves
under tree shade
the great grandmother tree

As time heads on its path
leaves are set free
~lingering summer fragments
~ringing winter bells
~withering old life
to renew and shine within grandmother tree

06 October 2017

The Old Man And The Sea

Veli Bariskan Photography

The old man and the sea,
gaze at each other deeply.

His wrinkles, his waves,
hide stories of pain,
of laughter lost or gained.

His withered ears, his freely flowing winds,
want something to hear,
may be a song,
that can mingle in winds along.

His weary eyes, his shiny gems,
search for someone,
to treasure them.

The old man and the sea,
ponder what’s gone.
But with each other,
they are no longer alone.

05 October 2017

October Night

October night
tranquil and gentle
above hangs
a painted sky
starry spectacle
moony face
peeps through clouds
admiring earthy canvas
reveries into
unknown land
of fairy tales and magic wands.

October night
a magical delight
casting spells of lovely dreams.

03 October 2017

Winter Door

 At the end of an alley,
is a winter door,
some say  a door to heaven,
where fairies and sprites live.

Some speak of a dark realm,
a portal safeguarding shadowy city secrets,
of lost path, of delusional youth lost in trance.
No one ever dares to trespass,
wonder what really lies behind,
the door engulfed in mystery so more.

As smoke rises behind the door,
within clouds it merges,
this will rain on city,
seeding the secrets,
that lie behind the winter door.

27 September 2017

Aquamarine Gem

calming the blues,
                               ~ a gift from Neptune.
Gem of,
good luck,
everlasting youth,
                               ~ a blessed truth.

For dVerse poets pub

22 September 2017

Flowers of Spring: Anacreontic Verse

Flowers of spring
dangle in the wind
spreading happiness
all around
misty morning
greets the hills
ensconcing spirits
in its shawl
fragrant wind
sprawls over
mind, heart and body.
A happy heart
among clouds
singing songs.
Country songs
fly with birds
a paradise
of nature
on heaven and earth.

Anacreontic verse is an Ancient Greek lyrical form, consisting of 20- to 30-line poems with three to five syllables per line.

21 September 2017

Of Peaceful Lunar Nights

Peaceful lunar shiny nights,
brightly, twinkling stars,
green forest in moony white,
time brushes by uncountable hours.

Hidden cicadas softly sing,
under dark glossy leaves,
flickering rhythmic wings,
songs only a few perceive.

                                                ‘Tis a broken soul’s,
                                                 humble panacea.

16 September 2017

Wild Rose: Rhyming Wave

Flourishing in the spiny bush,
the spiny, spiny, spiny bush-
swaying to melodies of thrush,
swaying to rhythmic breeze.

Snuggling around the tall trees,
the tall, tall, tall trees-
listening to the sounds of bees,
listening to every heartbeat.

Its fragrance fills the air sweet,
the air, air ,air sweet-
a delightful red rosy treat.
a delightful lovely rosy sight.

The sunshine glow kisses it right,
kisses ,kisses, kisses it right-
imparting the golden delight,
imparting the sparkling hues.

Flourishing in the spiny bush,
imparting the sparkling hues.

The Rhyming Wave is a poetry form created by Katharine L. Sparrow, American writer and poet who writes on Allpoetry.com.

14 September 2017


Ringing through bluish nebula,
A string of watery pearls rolls down as,
Indra’s jet black curls,
Nature’s dance from heaven to earth.

Indra: The Hindu God of rain.

09 September 2017

Autumnal Hues

 Red, burgundy, scarlet, orange, yellow,
petunias, gillenias,purplish glowing mallows,
hand painted master strokes,
polka dots on nature’s cloak.

Harvest season calling all,
cherish bounties of the fall,
varied delectable autumnal hues,
relish the colourful views.

Lost leaves floating around,
to heavenly abode bound,
life leaking drop by drop,
an ephemeral stop.

Red, burgundy, scarlet, orange, yellow,
petunias, gillenias,purplish glowing mallows,
Harvest season calling all,
cherish bounties of the fall.