12 July 2016

Song of the Lonely Whale

In the vast blue
he swims aloof
his songs no one can hear
the pain is too much to bear
unique in this whole wide world
far off from emotions he’s hurled
deep in oceanic glen and glades
song of the lonely whale.

Ref: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/52-hertz_whale

10 July 2016

Folds of Life

Folds of life turn over and over,
as wind plays in leaves and clover.
Each leaf vein carries story of yore,
many more hide behind the door.

When transitions unfold,
much words stay untold,
struggling to come out,
in open they wish to sprout.

Folds of life rise,
beyond the eyes,
and shut in our mind,
as memories we wish to find.