25 May 2016


Lush green trees,
of summer’s breeze,
sing to us a melody sweet.

Pale green buds of new beginnings,
lucid white seed sprinklings,
happily feed the finches.

As summery hot days soar,
Oh! trees, your shades,
our scorched hearts  adore.

5th June : World Environment Day, lets do our bit for it.

20 May 2016

Dreamy Sea: Rondel

Beautiful night, glowing moon,
it’s you and me forever to be,
night hums a mellow tune,
singing lullaby for me and thee.

Wishes fly in sandy dunes,
on the shores of dreamy sea,
beautiful night, glowing moon,
it’s you and me forever to be.

But this dream ends soon,
reality is different to see,
vanishing suddenly you and me,
dissolving in vast lagoon,
beautiful night, glowing moon.

Rondel: French poetry form; 13 lines. The rhyme pattern is A. B. a. b.. and .a. b. A. B. for the first two stanzas and a quintain for the final stanza that mirrors the first two stanzas, with the last line repeating the first line of the first stanza . The meter is open but like most French poetry, usually of eight syllables.