15 February 2016

Thousand Deaths

As she
saw his hand
slipping away
from her hand
                          she died
                          thousand deaths
                          in that
                          one instance
His face
faded away
like butterfly’s wings
                                      she knew
                                      that moment
                                      days were over
                                      of spring
Life went on
at its own pace
scars of pain
in the voices
of space
                           she died
                           thousand deaths
                           every instance


  1. Vandana, I know this feeling of dying a 1000 deaths... it's never easy, even the 2nd... 3rd time around xox

  2. A broken heart, a shattered soul. This is beautiful, Vandana.

  3. The image of those thousand deaths is so strong.. the pain we carry from betrayal... you have expressed it so well.

  4. It is so sad to feel love slip away, a fabulous poem!

  5. The loss of one love can be the equivalent of a thousand deaths indeed.

  6. When something (or someone) we treasure is taken away, we do die a little... your poem reflects the feeling well.

    Love the structure, too.

  7. This beautifully articulates the despair of losing a love - whether through death, or abandonment: the pain, I think, is ever present.

  8. You are right, Vandana, the pain doesn't go away. It does ease up though. After 46 years still, some of my sighs turn into muffled sobs. I.e. I took it hard.
    It's been a long time that our paths have crossed. I haven't been gone.

  9. A heartfelt poem evoking the pain of loss of a loved one.
    Very sad.

  10. Very sad I can feel the loss in your words.


Thank you for flying by. I appreciate your honest and critical comments.