30 January 2016


You are ~
the mesmerising fragrance of an enchanting spring,
the warm breath of assurance in freezing winter chill.
No citadel or silk wall, no garden or waterfall,
can ever bind a meditating heart drowned in love.
Be it Jasmine, rose, daisy or lavender,
nothing can match the pure love in its splendour.

Let us dissolve into each other,
and all over together rediscover,
the meaning of life, pain, love and suffering,
and how a few words are so comforting.

Let there be no you or me,
but only one - “we”.
We are now, in unison,
our energies merging within,
the cosmos.

25 January 2016

"Om Namah Shivayae"

Mighty mystic Himalayas,
a great revered Shivalaya.
Lord Shiva’s holy grace,
flows as rivers all over the space.
Rhythm of Lord Shiva’s drum,
every valley sweetly hums.
Lord’s name engraved as “OM”,
sanctifies agni, jal, vayu and vyom.
Tandav ,when Nataraj performs,
whole universe reforms.
You control the tides - high or low,
Oh! Lord Shiva to thee I bow.
"Om Namah Shivayae" – The holy mantra of Lord Shiva.
Shivalaya”– Temple of Lord Shiva .
“Agni” – Fire, “Jal” – Water, “Vayu” – Air, “Vyom” – Space/ Sky.
“Tandav”- Mythical dance performed by Lord Shiva that can destroy the universe.  
“Nataraj” – Another name of Lord Shiva, when he performs Tandav.

19 January 2016


Cold flowers of ice flakes,
fill my heart, keep me awake.
How many winters more to go,
before you bind me in aeonian vows.

Many moons yet to pass,
and to cross numerous paths.
But a heart has to wait,
until time seals the fates.