January 14, 2015

A Place In The Sun

The glowing light of star,
comforting us in the darkest hour,
a piece of god’s heart,
looking upon this earth.

Rays of orange hue,
sparkle our life’s views,
pure golden light,
burns with god’s might.

Central part of the universe,
giving strength to us,
glowing, as god smiles.

A place in the sun,
a place within god’s urn,
is safe for everyone.

January 13, 2015

Elements of Nature

It is the passionate fire,
the passion of dreams and uncharted territories,
within it simmer hopes of tomorrow,
flames rise high, touch the sky.

It is the life endowing breeze,
a life filled with  happiness and emotions,
swaying in the universe,
shining under sun.

It is the splashing water,
sprinkling desires and benevolence,
in oceans it roars,
on the wings of waves it soars.

It is the nurturing earth,
nourishing and caressing every being,
its heart beats with love,
holding precious life softly like dove.