21 October 2015

Welcome The Dawn

Night hides away,
as dawn smiles.
Sluggish moon,
saunters away,
towing the stars,
on the way.
Night’s eyes heavy with sleep,
close dreams within.
Sun shines over - above,
a new day begins.

13 October 2015


Love will always guide the way,
two souls will meet under the sparkling rays,
imprints on hearts will forever stay,
time will dissolve the seams of night and day,
for love will always guide the way.

Distance, space, birth and death,
memories in heart and breath,
will always speak of love’s depth,
for love can break,
distance, space, birth and death.

09 October 2015

Night Creatures

As night weaves its web,
around the emotions – lost and gained,
many creatures rise,
to claim their fame.

Day’s light,
shadows their virtues,
drinks their colours,
engulfs their vibes.

night is the time,
for them to rise,
and steal the show,
from day’s light.