06 September 2015

In The Stillness Of Night

In the stillness of night
I wander far away
                               from painful realities
searching for a perfect world
with a perfect beginning
                                           and a perfect ending.

In the stillness of night,
I am not a body
                           but a lost soul
a soul lost
                    in the stillness of night………………


  1. Beautiful... such depth of emotion!!

  2. I think that you would be hard pressed to find perfect
    it is an illusion sold in romance novels and fairy tales,
    but i understand feeling far from it - soul adrift.

  3. A life is never perfect. We must enjoy our single life while we are here on Earth.
    A great picture today.

  4. This is the night I live for, stay awake for. Perfect words *smiles*

  5. This resonates with me. I feel it as well.

  6. Lovely poem... although I no longer believe in perfect beginnings or endings... I think that's why we get so disappointed... ♡

  7. Awesome. Another really wonderful piece of writing, Vandana. I think you've struck a universal cord here "searching for a perfect world". I think that is where much of humankind goes in the stillness of night.


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