30 August 2015

In The Fields of Daisies

Floating among the fields of  daisies,
with you beside,
I close my eyes.

We wander away to dreamland,
catching dreams,
with bare hands.

Clouds drift past,
their coldness,
soothes us.
Hold me forever,
in this dream.

In the fields of daisies
we swim.


  1. Aw. So comforting to know that no matter what, there's a hand you can hold on to.

  2. Sounds likea lovely dream. Daisies are so simple, pure and pretty as well. Makes me think of laying in a field of flowers with the one I love.

  3. A lovely piece, Vandana. One of my fave's of yours.

  4. Dreams are all in pursuance of those yearnings for them. Others move along not patient enough but here it is awaited eagerly. Great lines Vandana!


  5. Lovely...daisies are so simple yet so beautiful.


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