13 August 2015

Flying On The Edges Of Time

Flying on the edges of time
moving through the tunnels of memoirs
a soul traverses the universe
sometimes it is a wounded bird
trying to reach the skies
sometimes it is a fragile butterfly
fluttering in the woods
bound to tides of emotions
like the cord of a kite
it flies and flies .........
Photograph by Phil Slade


  1. You have a wonderful approach to your verses and it's always a pleasure to read.

  2. I wonder if being bound to our emotions is the best wind we could be flying. They can so mislead us at times - leading to those places of hurt. I think we need to be concious on what we tether our kite to.

  3. Lovely poem and Phil's photo is beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing.

  4. It works so well. Thank you Vandana.

  5. I feel like my emotions are flying on the edge of time... wonderful poem Vandana ♡

  6. Flying on the edges of time - such an evocative line - wonderful, life-affirming words.


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