30 August 2015

In The Fields of Daisies

Floating among the fields of  daisies,
with you beside,
I close my eyes.

We wander away to dreamland,
catching dreams,
with bare hands.

Clouds drift past,
their coldness,
soothes us.
Hold me forever,
in this dream.

In the fields of daisies
we swim.

17 August 2015

Reminding Us

Daylight rolls under night’s sight,
to their nests birds take flights,
reminding us that,
                              one day we shall return to our starting points.

Night spreads its blankets all around,
calming day’s turmoil with a soothing sound,
reminding us,
                        to search our soul, lost under life’s mound.      

14 August 2015

From Dawn To Dusk And Beyond

Floating on the waves of sea,
lifting night’s veil,
dawn snuggles the hills,
warming cold chill.

The fireball rises high,
mist touches the sky,
                          and noon time tinkles around.

Donning her satin gown,
evening descends down,
cooling ferns and fronds.

The windy moorland smiles,
as the white pearl shines,
in its fines.

13 August 2015

Flying On The Edges Of Time

Flying on the edges of time
moving through the tunnels of memoirs
a soul traverses the universe
sometimes it is a wounded bird
trying to reach the skies
sometimes it is a fragile butterfly
fluttering in the woods
bound to tides of emotions
like the cord of a kite
it flies and flies .........
Photograph by Phil Slade

12 August 2015

Hoping For A Miracle : Trimeric

She hopes for a miracle,
to save his withering soul
that will defy the law,
and moon will forever glow.

To save his withering soul,
she will do anything that takes,
to challenge the Himalayas Or the flowing Ganges.

That will defy the law,
conquering the death-jaws,
his life will prolong.

And moon will forever glow,
underneath the love,
she always hoped.

Trimeric \tri-(meh)-rik\ n: a four stanza poem in which the first stanza has four lines and the last three stanzas have three lines each, with the first line of each repeating the respective line of the first stanza.  The sequence of lines, then, is abcd, b – -, c – -, d – -

10 August 2015

A Garden Of Wishes : Gogyohka

A garden of daffodils
stands in my heart
each daffodil
a wish
for you.
As soft breeze flows
it carries
 these wishes
far away
to you.

 Gogyohka : Japanese poetry form, written in five lines, but each line generally represents one phrase.

08 August 2015

Yellow Tulips

Yellow sheet spread all around,
last night sun had rained down.
A part of sun in earth’s arms,
earth glows under sun’s charm.
Their love smiles in tulips,
like a message of love on lips.
With first sunrays on the earth,
tulips flower with mirth.