22 July 2015

Soft Whispers Of Faith

Silence is all around,
numb and naive thoughts,
circle the sky and ground.

A voice so frail,
echoes in the space,
sprinkling showers of faith.

Holding on to this faith,
dip in its holy grail,
and listen to the soft whispers of faith.

15 July 2015

Starry Shadows : Quintilla

Let’s follow the starry shadows,
to remote  galaxies,
learning alternate realities,
spread across galactic meadows,
opening new windows.

Beads of beautiful planets,
swirling in the space,
flowing effortlessly with grace,
a black and white palette,
covered in astral blankets.

This poem is based on a dream I had a couple of days back, where I saw the beautiful celestial space with magnanimous planets and galaxies. It was a mesmerising sight!.

Quintilla : Rhyme Scheme a. a. b. b. a. or.. a. b. b. a.a. 8 syll’bs per line.

04 July 2015


Dewdrops spread on leaf blades,
with sunrays their essence fades.
In a blink they evaporate,
this has always been their fate.
Every night moon weaves dewdrops at its brink,
but at dawn with first ray their existence shrinks.
Into the atmosphere dewdrops disappear,
yet, they cherish the moments spent in moon’s lair.
Come another day,
 and dewdrops will spread again on leaf blades.