22 June 2015

Song Of A Jogin

Far across the sky,
among meandering waves of Akaash- Ganga,
a “jogin” sings the song of night.

Drenched from tip to toe,
with devotion to the great Yogi : “Shiva”,
she hums the song of night.

White serene Mount Kailash,
exudes peace of the flowers,
resonates with jogin’s song of night.

As dawn breaks,
sun shines,
jogin opens her eyes,
and finds the great yogi,
standing right behind.

This poem depicts the love and eternal devotion of Maa  Parvati to Lord Shiva. Lord Shiva was impressed with her true devotion and made Parvati his wife.

Jogin : A female devotee totally devoted to god and has nothing to do with the world and its affairs.

Akash- Ganga : The Milky Way Galaxy.

Mount Kailash  :  Abode of Lord Shiva


  1. I like to read your poetry even though I could never ever write any myself. The ability to do so is a great gift. A lovely picture today.

  2. Outstandingly beautiful to read.

  3. There is strength in such devotion - to stand with regardless. And it is beautifully rewarded, though I imagine she never even considered that.

  4. Beautiful Vandana as always.

  5. A lovely poetic rendering of a beautiful ancient legend. I found the line: " White serene Mount Kailash, exudes peace of the flowers" especially evocative.

  6. Oh. I don't only get to read good poetry here I'm also learning a lot about terminologies and stories.


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