09 June 2015

Darkest And Deepest Nights

In the darkest and deepest nights,
when loneliness is by my side,
your thoughts glide in my mind,
reclaiming me from myself.

I close my eyes,
to wander in dreams with you beside,
a mirage, an imagination,
accompany me in the darkest and deepest nights.

My heart cries aloud,
a handful of wishes spilling out,
leaving traces of forgotten yestereens,
shadowed in the blankets,
of darkest and deepest nights.


  1. Oh Vandana.. I have nights like these... they are too sad for me to think of though... ♡

  2. There is a safness in this. Of only being able to see them or be with them in your dreams. It is good that you at least have them there, but I imagine waking to be little fun.

  3. Darkest and deepest nights connotes such anguish - it is good that dreams come to take some of that away ... at least briefly.


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