The Magic Of Ancient Times : Beymorlin Sonnet

The magic of ancient times shall forever  bind,
every soul on this earth to its roots,
the tragic moments of pain and guilt shall unwind,
piercing whole humanity with owl’s hoot.
The flame shall rise from the castles of misery,
quenching its thirst from flowing blood,
all names shall wipe out from the history,
a mist of grief shall prevail turning everything to mud.
Cries shall resound purgatory, heaven and hell,
dark forces of lost realms shall rise above,
breaking walls of mystery and mirth's well,
a course of sadness shall form devoid of love.
The sorrow shall engulf this world again,
today, tomorrow and forever it shall reign.
The Beymorlin Sonnet  :  The rhyme scheme can be either Shakespearian or Petrachan in end rhyme and an internal rhyme with the first two syllables at the beginning of each line and do not need to be of the same rhyme scheme as the end rhymes.


  1. so dark!! but beautifully written as always :)

  2. Whew, the magic of ancient times seems frightening indeed!


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