07 May 2015

Moon Of The Dark Sky

Moon of the dark sky,
up there you shine bright,
here I aimlessly gaze at your beautiful sight,
to you I wish to fly.

Trees try to touch the sky,
to bathe under your calming aura,
your rays sparkle every flora.

You are in the arms of a hazel- grey sky,
I envy its embrace upon you,
wrapped in cloudy dew.

Oh! moon of the dark sky,
with you my emotions ride,
all my secrets in you I confide,
to you I wish to fly.

One day I'll be your night and you my moon.


  1. I wish to fly there too... such a lovely poem Vandana ♡ xox

  2. The last line...so beautiful! I wish to fly to the moon to... :-) Beautifully penned Vandana... :-)

  3. I join you in the wish to fly. Beautiful piece

  4. Nice play with moon...~ Thanks for kind words at my blog :)x

  5. Spiritual and moving - beautiful words, Vandana.

  6. Love this lament/song to the moon... and how you incorporate the idea of moods and moon going together. I like it!


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