18 April 2015

Pixie of My Garden

Sprinkle, sprinkle,
dust of happiness,
twinkle , twinkle,
upon my heart,
shine, shine,
over the horizon
sing, sing,
fine verses,
blossom ,blossom,
in my life,
oh! pixie of my garden.

A poem for my daughter : Tvishi(Tvishi is a Sanskrit word . It means " ray of bright light")


  1. She is beautiful.

    Thanks for coming by to visit. We must see the beauty in every thing.

  2. She is so pretty ~ You captured the mother's heart ~

  3. Oh, this made me smile! Wonderful!

  4. Love it, love it, love it! What a wonderful piece! A bit of whimsy mixed with such tenderness. And such a pretty little girl with that beatific smile. You must be so proud, Vandana.

  5. sweet! I can see how such a precious gem would inspire.

  6. Beautiful poetry for a beautiful girl.
    Happy weekend!

  7. She is adorable, and the poem covers her with the pixie dust of your love. What a smile, too!


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