17 April 2015

Night’s Shrouds: Huitain

When sun sinks down and ocean drinks light,

dark night rises covering the town.

Creatures of night, out for a flight,

feeding on lost souls trotting down.

Ripped pieces loiter on ground,

dissolve into darkness of clouds,

locked in dungeons, never to be found,

 night has consumed them under her shrouds.

Huitain:  8 line poem having either Eight or ten-syllable isosyllabic lines .Rhyme scheme : ababbcbc. Or abbaacac


  1. Beautifully done Vandana...specially like the drinking ocean, feeding creatures and consuming night...

  2. You've created some lovely images in this poignant ode to the dark night. Wonderful form, as well!

  3. the ending works nicely with the image that follows it. I'm not what it is about the first line, but I like the imagery it invokes.


Thank you for flying by. I appreciate your honest and critical comments.