24 April 2015

For Thee, I Pray : Cuarteto

Happiness, feelings, time running in my veins,
threads of winds bringing luck, harmony and peace,
all this I wish flows from my life towards you and rains,
drenches you with smile and all your troubles recede.

 Brooke Shaden Photography

Every colourful shade, life’s meaningful gist,
emotional purple, nature’s colour jade,
I pray for thee, my love, from heart and spirit,
and into the mist I fade, into the mist I fade.

The Cuarteto is:
• stanzaic, a poem made up of any number of quatrains.
• syllabic, hendecasyllabic (11 syllable) lines.
• rhymed, either abab or abba rhyme scheme.


  1. Hello greetings and good wishes.

    Fabulous prayer in the form of a lovely poem.

    Best wishes

  2. Wonderful prayer, poem ...

  3. Exquisite! One of my favorites of yours, Vandana!

  4. Wonderful to find a way for one's troubles to recede! I like the form of your poem, Vandana.

  5. I love specially the last refraining line ~ Good work Vandana ~

  6. Thats' beautifully written.

    PS. I don't want to be a mood-killer. And it is totally my opinion. The post text color is quite difficult to read and small. I apologise if you weren't open for advices.

  7. Very evocative poem...like the ending very much - fading into the mist.

  8. Vandana... this is so beautifully written... what lovely words you have created and written... xox


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