22 April 2015

Floating Into The Abyss : Busto Sonetto

Wrapped in flowers of lost love,
her body drifts in aqua,
only memories to accompany,
her soul  carries the weight in quanta,
yearning for peace in the sky above.

Red is the colour of blood and of water,
glistening under the boulders,
shoving her body subtly,
flower petals ‘neath her smoulder,
thorns like dagger ready to slaughter.

But tis her final journey of bliss,
departing from all the desires,
and putting off her soul’s  fires,
she floats into the abyss.
                                                                Brooke Shaden photography
Busta Sonetto 
a. b. x. b. a. . . c. d. x. d. c. . .e. f. f. e.


  1. and putting off her soul’s fires,
    she floats into the abyss.

    It certainly is the better choice where love is concerned. One is not held back but floats. Great lines Vandana!


  2. It seemed a sad but beautiful poem to me.

    Thanks for your visit.

  3. The second stanza is poignant of lost love & despair ~ Enjoyed the form too !

  4. This is one of my favorites of yours..hauntingly beautiful...

  5. Wonderfully sad.. and the image of that final step is hauntingly well done..

  6. You have made floating into the abyss sound quite melancholy.


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