30 April 2015

Blowing Dandelions

A bright sunny day,

dandelion spores fly away,

spreading wishes along,

carrying dreams furlong,

Up into the clouds,

to the moony sounds,

playing with soft snow,

sliding on rainbow.

I wish they sprout upon you,

covering in pristine hue,

for these dandelions carry my love to you.

26 April 2015

Life : Zenith

Life journeys cross ether’s bridge,
whistling tones of moments,
melting in air as smoke.
Moving effortlessly along the ridge,
vanishing into thick ,in a moment,
lost with ticks of  clock.

I wonder in astonishment,
of god’s perfect tracks,
guiding the life - train.
A whiff of praying scent,
steering life forth and back,
moving ahead in unknown terrains. 

Written for Magpie Tales : Mag 267
The Zenith is:
○ stanzaic, written in any number of sixains.
○ meter at discretion of poet.
○ rhymed, abcabc defdef etc

24 April 2015

For Thee, I Pray : Cuarteto

Happiness, feelings, time running in my veins,
threads of winds bringing luck, harmony and peace,
all this I wish flows from my life towards you and rains,
drenches you with smile and all your troubles recede.

 Brooke Shaden Photography

Every colourful shade, life’s meaningful gist,
emotional purple, nature’s colour jade,
I pray for thee, my love, from heart and spirit,
and into the mist I fade, into the mist I fade.

The Cuarteto is:
• stanzaic, a poem made up of any number of quatrains.
• syllabic, hendecasyllabic (11 syllable) lines.
• rhymed, either abab or abba rhyme scheme.

22 April 2015

Floating Into The Abyss : Busto Sonetto

Wrapped in flowers of lost love,
her body drifts in aqua,
only memories to accompany,
her soul  carries the weight in quanta,
yearning for peace in the sky above.

Red is the colour of blood and of water,
glistening under the boulders,
shoving her body subtly,
flower petals ‘neath her smoulder,
thorns like dagger ready to slaughter.

But tis her final journey of bliss,
departing from all the desires,
and putting off her soul’s  fires,
she floats into the abyss.
                                                                Brooke Shaden photography
Busta Sonetto 
a. b. x. b. a. . . c. d. x. d. c. . .e. f. f. e.

21 April 2015

The Shadow Disappears…………..

Trailing red blood on white snow,
a shadow walks beside the pine tree rows,
faceless, spiritless, mass of bones,
roams from the  realm unknown,
a shrill, chilling song it cries,
strong echoes that break the ice.
no footprints left after,
limping forward and faster,
away from all the worldly  fears,
as the past draws near,
the shadow disappears........

19 April 2015

One Day Soon : Trijan Refrain

                        Brooke Shaden Photography

I wish one day soon,
I fly above the black space,
to touch my beloved moon,
to feel his cold touch and pace,
and relive this life once more,
under moon’s gentle core,
and relive this life,
and relive this life,
I wish one day, his love pours.

I wish one day soon,
I leave my human form,
and meet my beloved moon,
together with him I’ll roam,
to places far off from earth,
in a realm away from death and birth,
to places far off,
to places far off,
I wish one day, these wishes unearth.

I wish one day soon,
the light shines upon,
glowing my icy moon,
stars smile on and on,
with love and delight.
Light burning upright,
with love,
with love,
I wish one day, everything is bright.

The Trijan Refrain:
x. x. x. x. x. x. x. a.
x. x. x. x. x b.
x. x. x. x. x. x. x. a.
x. x. x. x. x. b.
R. R. R. R. x. x. x. c.
x. x. x. x. x. x. x. c.
R. R. R. R.
R. R. R. R.
x. x. x. x. x. x. x. c. 

18 April 2015

Pixie of My Garden

Sprinkle, sprinkle,
dust of happiness,
twinkle , twinkle,
upon my heart,
shine, shine,
over the horizon
sing, sing,
fine verses,
blossom ,blossom,
in my life,
oh! pixie of my garden.

A poem for my daughter : Tvishi(Tvishi is a Sanskrit word . It means " ray of bright light")

Lie To Me : Rondine

Lie to me about beautiful things,
of green sea, of winter land,
of a fairy’s magical wand,
of olive trees in jungle within,
of unforgettable memorable spring,
holding hands in hands,
lie to me.


Flying on ethereal wings,
journeying across the sands,
crossing the time’s strands,
where an angel sings,
lie to me.
For IGWRT. Quote, I chose for the prompt is, ' “Hello. I'm Leonard Nimoy. The following tale of alien encounters is true. And by true, I mean false. It's all lies. But they're entertaining lies. And in the end, isn't that the real truth? The answer is: No."- Leonardo Nemoy

Rondine : Has two stanzas, a septet (7 lines), and a quintet (5 lines), making the poem a total of 12 lines. There is a refrain in which the last line of each stanza mimics the first phrase of the first line. R.Rhyme Scheme : (R a). b. b. a. a. b. R....a. b. b. a. R.

17 April 2015

Night’s Shrouds: Huitain

When sun sinks down and ocean drinks light,

dark night rises covering the town.

Creatures of night, out for a flight,

feeding on lost souls trotting down.

Ripped pieces loiter on ground,

dissolve into darkness of clouds,

locked in dungeons, never to be found,

 night has consumed them under her shrouds.

Huitain:  8 line poem having either Eight or ten-syllable isosyllabic lines .Rhyme scheme : ababbcbc. Or abbaacac

Love’s Shadow : Octelle

Love’s shadow holding a flower,
came to me from a place afar,
 had a magnificent charm,
feelings were all soft and warm.
But a gust of snowy breeze,
tossed it in eternal freeze.
Love’s shadow holding a flower,
came to me from a place afar.

The Octelle: Consists of eight lines using personification and symbolism .Syllable : 8, 8, 7, 7, 7, 7, 8, 8, and the rhyme scheme is aa/bb/cc/aa. The first two lines and the last two lines are identical.

15 April 2015

Painting My Own Sky : Rondeau

I am painting my own sky,
in the shades of black, grey and white.
Cloaked in my pathetic existence,
ghosts of my thoughts dance,
surging above the roof and moving high.

A silent melancholic lullaby,
echoes in the dead valleys and dies,
leaving my bleeding soul hanging on a lance,
painting my own sky.

Birds of dreams are dry,
never wishing to fly.
In this vast expanse,
I roam in trance,
painting my own sky.

A Rondeau is a French form, 15 lines long, consisting of three stanzas: a quintet, a quatrain, and a sestet with a rhyme scheme as follows: aabba aabR aabbaR. Lines 9 and 15 are short - a refrain (R) consisting of a phrase taken from line one

Like a Forgotten Memory

Dark night, my best comrade,
in her lap all my worries fade.
 I shed tears in her bowl,
of my mind’s screeching owl.
 A painful wound resurfaces,
plunging into my heart’s spaces.
 Dark is the night and dark is the moon,
dreamy facades breathe in ruin.
 Fireflies and dragons roam in my soul,
never to find their desired atoll
 Unseen shadows lurk around,
vanishing in labyrinthine hound.
 I fall from laden tree as if a berry,
lost to ground like a forgotten memory.


09 April 2015

Underneath The April Sky

To the call of winds,
thistledowns fly,
tripping trees,
underneath the april sky.

Vivacious flowers smile,
rose buds untie,
onto earth’s silver salver,
underneath the april sky.

Mulberries redden the hills,
valleys, gorges, beautify,
rolling gleefully,
underneath the april sky.

08 April 2015

God is Walking Beside: Go Vat

When warm summer breeze brushes by,
bees, butterflies happily fly,
remember God is walking beside.

Mighty mountains stand tall,
to atrocities never they fall,
remember God is walking beside.

Sometimes darkness clutters mind,
but , still a speck of  hope we find,
remember God is walking beside.

To enlightenment when we wake,
And when last breath we take,
remember God is walking beside.

Go Vat(Cambodian Poetry form): each line is most commonly 8 syllables,rhymed, turned on only 2 rhymes, aaB aaB aaB etc.