27 March 2015

Of Moonlit Night: Costanza

      At night when moon slides downhill,
she becomes the enchanted earth,
many emotions then unearth.

Savouring balmy glowing chill,
jasmine blooms lose themselves,
heavenly spell, in moon’s well.

Glens and glades, silent and still,
foggy hills, touch the stars,
a deception ,a mirage.

Pollen shower all over spills,
a shadow beneath drenched in tears,
lost in, mysterious fears.

Earth gazes through daffodils
dawn breaks, the white orb dissolves,
in a moment ,earth’s love lost.

Costanza: 5 or more 3 line  stanzas. The first lines of all the stanzas can be read successively as an independent poem. Rhyme scheme: abb,acc,add,aee,aff...


  1. This is a lovely form! It can be read in so many ways!

  2. I love how the moonlit night touches the Earth and merges with it accepting the Earth's balmy offers and at last the tearful farewell...nicely rhythmic too..

  3. Beautiful poem ...

    Have a lovely weekend !

  4. How awesome is this. One poem and and it can be read in more ways than one. I haven't written a poem this way ever. Impressive.

  5. awesome! this one is so amazing! I loved it :)

  6. This is serene and peaceful.

  7. Do you mean the constanza poetry form? I admire the rhyming pattern -there is a spell of the moonlit night, before dawn comes and breaks it ~

  8. A beautiful moon poem you cast a wonderful spell :)

  9. What a wonderful form. I must try it sometime. Beautiful moonlight mood here. So evocative - filled with images that border on surreal and yet, are so alive with feeling.


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