29 March 2015

Oh! Death I Praise Thee : Kyrielle

Life  is fragile and faint,
engrossed in emotions all vain,
only one thing is perfect,
and it is called the death.

A companion to the core,
it’ll never leave you alone,
loyal at your last breath,
and it is called the death.

A salvation from this world,
towards the cosmic underworld,
where every soul collects,
and it is called the death.

Kyrielle : French poetry form, usually eight syllables per line.Rhyme scheme a. a. b. B..... c. c. b. B..(B is the refrain)

27 March 2015

Of Moonlit Night: Costanza

      At night when moon slides downhill,
she becomes the enchanted earth,
many emotions then unearth.

Savouring balmy glowing chill,
jasmine blooms lose themselves,
heavenly spell, in moon’s well.

Glens and glades, silent and still,
foggy hills, touch the stars,
a deception ,a mirage.

Pollen shower all over spills,
a shadow beneath drenched in tears,
lost in, mysterious fears.

Earth gazes through daffodils
dawn breaks, the white orb dissolves,
in a moment ,earth’s love lost.

Costanza: 5 or more 3 line  stanzas. The first lines of all the stanzas can be read successively as an independent poem. Rhyme scheme: abb,acc,add,aee,aff...

12 March 2015

The Wolf - Girl

Pale moon magic strong,
night seems dark and long,
when the forest sleeps,
her heart weeps.

Her howl, mountains can hear,
soft morning-dew drops are her tears,
her paw-prints left on snow,
roam aimlessly not knowing where to go.

Echoing through the white wilds,
her mourning song glides,
calling for her love, who was lost,
memories haunt her like ghosts.

Every night, the dead silence breaks,
cracking frozen ground and lakes,
the wolf - girl cries,
besides the grave where her lover lies.

07 March 2015

Water Lilies : Memento

Lilies adore watery floors,
roots embrace underneath.
Leafy steps to far unseen doors,
tread quietly beneath,
as quill.

White jewels on aqua garment,
looking at the blue sky,
Reflection of them so ardent,
soft clouds sprinkle and fly,

Memento, created by Emily Romano: two stanzas with  syllable count should 8/6/2.This is repeated twice for each stanza. The rhyme scheme is: a/b/c/a/b/c for each of the two stanzas.