14 February 2015

Starry - Starry Night

On this starry – starry night,
when the night sky burns bright,
I rise up to the sky,
to gather the whitest light.

Its glint touches my eye,
like a butterfly I fly,
to the brightest flame,
rising further high.
Everyone knows the fame,
of that star’s twinkling name,
shining atop,
in the dark frame.

A star to wish upon,
but is alone,
to it I have flown,
now, this star is my own.

04 February 2015

Dandelions: Sijo

Dandelion emotions watching ever shiny sun,
dream of catching that can’t be caught, but only seen and felt,
the ardour warmth from far soothes their embrace, deliquescing cold wave.

Dandelions whisper to themselves of radiating sunrays,
flickering, hovering, dancing as they spread over them,
blooms of dandelions gazing at the sun, to taste its essence.

Bright morning sunshine love dangling above, peeping coyly,
heaven rejoices, clouds sing, for they have their love of life,
dandelion seeds carrying their hearts, fly far to touch the sun.

Sijo : Korean poetry form, can have any number of stanzas Each having have three lines. Each line varies between 14 and 16 syllables. The first line  states a theme, the second line counters it, and the third line resolves the poem.

A dandelion flower wanting to take a journey to touch the sun, (for Poetry jam).