January 13, 2015

Elements of Nature

It is the passionate fire,
the passion of dreams and uncharted territories,
within it simmer hopes of tomorrow,
flames rise high, touch the sky.

It is the life endowing breeze,
a life filled with  happiness and emotions,
swaying in the universe,
shining under sun.

It is the splashing water,
sprinkling desires and benevolence,
in oceans it roars,
on the wings of waves it soars.

It is the nurturing earth,
nourishing and caressing every being,
its heart beats with love,
holding precious life softly like dove.


  1. nice walk through of the elements in this...
    and how that all ties in to the love that holds it all together...

  2. I love every part of nature!
    And I loved your poem ...wonderful ...

  3. A very contemplative piece. Many philosophies and poetic thought embrace the elements of fire, air, water and earth as the simplest and essential parts of everything and the powers upon which everything is based.

  4. Beautiful poem! Smart way to capture the elements of life! :)

  5. I very much relate to this! And the stones are beautiful.

  6. i enjoy the interaction of the four basic earth elements and how they all link in that universal circle of life

  7. Loved how you depicted each element's role & significance :D
    Absolutely beautiful..!

  8. Oh Vandana, this touches me deeply. Thank you!

  9. I love how you have weaved our existence between the four elements.

  10. luv the play of the elements here; each equally necessary

    much love...

  11. i Love this, Vandana! beautifully written!

  12. All different, these four elements. We are dependent on all to live. Air, we need it within minutes of not having it. And we can't even see it!! Guess too the fire, without the sun's fire we would freeze in minutes.
    They are great to use as allegories too, extending our thought farther than our physical needs go.

  13. I love how you brought each element into play here.

  14. So beautiful...your capture of the elements has beauty and grace

  15. Beautifully done and I envy you those stones...so gorgeous.

  16. An absolute weave! Loved it★


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