08 December 2015

You Are The moon

You are the moon
of my darkest skies
with you my ashes
fall and rise

When the tides
touch you through
life - force
within me renews

Every night
you glow there
and only in my dreams
to you I can be near

In sun's lap
when night's last star hides
I no longer see you in the skies
then, my soul again dies

It will only be reborn,
when the moon shines bright.

21 October 2015

Welcome The Dawn

Night hides away,
as dawn smiles.
Sluggish moon,
saunters away,
towing the stars,
on the way.
Night’s eyes heavy with sleep,
close dreams within.
Sun shines over - above,
a new day begins.

13 October 2015


Love will always guide the way,
two souls will meet under the sparkling rays,
imprints on hearts will forever stay,
time will dissolve the seams of night and day,
for love will always guide the way.

Distance, space, birth and death,
memories in heart and breath,
will always speak of love’s depth,
for love can break,
distance, space, birth and death.

09 October 2015

Night Creatures

As night weaves its web,
around the emotions – lost and gained,
many creatures rise,
to claim their fame.

Day’s light,
shadows their virtues,
drinks their colours,
engulfs their vibes.

night is the time,
for them to rise,
and steal the show,
from day’s light.

26 September 2015

The Blood Moon

Blood wraps the moon around,
stealing its silvery gown.
Night is crimson-red-violet,
colourful skies hold the starlet.

Moon is dressed,
in coruscating brilliant red.
Night’s glory shines,
as the blood-moon embraces the skies.

11 September 2015

Wait, Wait, Wait Is All I Can Do.......

In dark black nights,
my heart forever cries,
it hurts me more,
to be far from you.

Wait, wait, wait is all I can do,
wait, wait, wait is all I can do.

When swollen skies rain,
I feel their pain,
my tears fall through them,
rolling down time’s hem.

Wait, wait, wait is all I can do,
wait, wait, wait is all I can do.

In my imagination,
you’re always mine.
We sing songs, flowing around,
and you hold my hand,
take me to your land.


Wait, wait, wait is all I can do,
wait, wait, wait is all I can do.

In dark black nights,
my heart forever cries,
it hurts me more,
to be far from you.

An attempt at song writing. 

08 September 2015

Secret Love : Trinet

Secret love
Her blessing
Like precious pearl in a shell
Hidden in his heart’s deepest core
Priceless treasure
She found
Secret love

For eons
She waited
For his beautiful emotions to flow
To drench her with love’s rain
Her Pacific
Of love
Secret love

The Trinet, created by zion, is a form with these specifications:
Line 1 - 2 words
Line 2 - 2 words
Line 3 - 6 words
Line 4 - 6 words
Line 5 - 2 words
Line 6 - 2 words
Line 7 - 2 words

06 September 2015

In The Stillness Of Night

In the stillness of night
I wander far away
                               from painful realities
searching for a perfect world
with a perfect beginning
                                           and a perfect ending.

In the stillness of night,
I am not a body
                           but a lost soul
a soul lost
                    in the stillness of night………………

30 August 2015

In The Fields of Daisies

Floating among the fields of  daisies,
with you beside,
I close my eyes.

We wander away to dreamland,
catching dreams,
with bare hands.

Clouds drift past,
their coldness,
soothes us.
Hold me forever,
in this dream.

In the fields of daisies
we swim.

17 August 2015

Reminding Us

Daylight rolls under night’s sight,
to their nests birds take flights,
reminding us that,
                              one day we shall return to our starting points.

Night spreads its blankets all around,
calming day’s turmoil with a soothing sound,
reminding us,
                        to search our soul, lost under life’s mound.      

14 August 2015

From Dawn To Dusk And Beyond

Floating on the waves of sea,
lifting night’s veil,
dawn snuggles the hills,
warming cold chill.

The fireball rises high,
mist touches the sky,
                          and noon time tinkles around.

Donning her satin gown,
evening descends down,
cooling ferns and fronds.

The windy moorland smiles,
as the white pearl shines,
in its fines.

13 August 2015

Flying On The Edges Of Time

Flying on the edges of time
moving through the tunnels of memoirs
a soul traverses the universe
sometimes it is a wounded bird
trying to reach the skies
sometimes it is a fragile butterfly
fluttering in the woods
bound to tides of emotions
like the cord of a kite
it flies and flies .........
Photograph by Phil Slade

12 August 2015

Hoping For A Miracle : Trimeric

She hopes for a miracle,
to save his withering soul
that will defy the law,
and moon will forever glow.

To save his withering soul,
she will do anything that takes,
to challenge the Himalayas Or the flowing Ganges.

That will defy the law,
conquering the death-jaws,
his life will prolong.

And moon will forever glow,
underneath the love,
she always hoped.

Trimeric \tri-(meh)-rik\ n: a four stanza poem in which the first stanza has four lines and the last three stanzas have three lines each, with the first line of each repeating the respective line of the first stanza.  The sequence of lines, then, is abcd, b – -, c – -, d – -

10 August 2015

A Garden Of Wishes : Gogyohka

A garden of daffodils
stands in my heart
each daffodil
a wish
for you.
As soft breeze flows
it carries
 these wishes
far away
to you.

 Gogyohka : Japanese poetry form, written in five lines, but each line generally represents one phrase.

08 August 2015

Yellow Tulips

Yellow sheet spread all around,
last night sun had rained down.
A part of sun in earth’s arms,
earth glows under sun’s charm.
Their love smiles in tulips,
like a message of love on lips.
With first sunrays on the earth,
tulips flower with mirth.

22 July 2015

Soft Whispers Of Faith

Silence is all around,
numb and naive thoughts,
circle the sky and ground.

A voice so frail,
echoes in the space,
sprinkling showers of faith.

Holding on to this faith,
dip in its holy grail,
and listen to the soft whispers of faith.

15 July 2015

Starry Shadows : Quintilla

Let’s follow the starry shadows,
to remote  galaxies,
learning alternate realities,
spread across galactic meadows,
opening new windows.

Beads of beautiful planets,
swirling in the space,
flowing effortlessly with grace,
a black and white palette,
covered in astral blankets.

This poem is based on a dream I had a couple of days back, where I saw the beautiful celestial space with magnanimous planets and galaxies. It was a mesmerising sight!.

Quintilla : Rhyme Scheme a. a. b. b. a. or.. a. b. b. a.a. 8 syll’bs per line.

04 July 2015


Dewdrops spread on leaf blades,
with sunrays their essence fades.
In a blink they evaporate,
this has always been their fate.
Every night moon weaves dewdrops at its brink,
but at dawn with first ray their existence shrinks.
Into the atmosphere dewdrops disappear,
yet, they cherish the moments spent in moon’s lair.
Come another day,
 and dewdrops will spread again on leaf blades.

28 June 2015

Voices Of Night

Voices of night,
hide beneath forest path,
silently follow the moon.

Echoes from dark corners,
cling to cold breeze,
watch the moon sailing high.

Calmness, pain, tears, silence,
voices of night, lost,
as the moon slips by.

22 June 2015

Song Of A Jogin

Far across the sky,
among meandering waves of Akaash- Ganga,
a “jogin” sings the song of night.

Drenched from tip to toe,
with devotion to the great Yogi : “Shiva”,
she hums the song of night.

White serene Mount Kailash,
exudes peace of the flowers,
resonates with jogin’s song of night.

As dawn breaks,
sun shines,
jogin opens her eyes,
and finds the great yogi,
standing right behind.

This poem depicts the love and eternal devotion of Maa  Parvati to Lord Shiva. Lord Shiva was impressed with her true devotion and made Parvati his wife.

Jogin : A female devotee totally devoted to god and has nothing to do with the world and its affairs.

Akash- Ganga : The Milky Way Galaxy.

Mount Kailash  :  Abode of Lord Shiva

18 June 2015

His Grace

Lord Shiva
on earth, in air,
his grace.

He knows of
our tears, our pains,
for it is,
his grace.

His heart
resides in us,
knowing our rhythms, by,
his grace.

God’s watchful eyes,
watch from above.
Showering eternal love,
his grace.

12 June 2015

Hot Indian Summer : Palindrome Poetry

Sun burning hot
Lakes sans water
Parched lands
Dry winds
Dying life
Life dying
Winds dry
Lands parched
Water sans lakes
Hot burning sun

11 June 2015

I Cave In…………….

I walk the trail,
leading to hills,
tossing around pebbles,
souvenirs of moments,
that hold my soul.

Up on the hills,
a black hole of nirvana,
soaks me in its embrace,
falling deep into its maze,
with peace in my heart

I cave in.

09 June 2015


Candle flame flickers
with a breath of breeze
                               still burns bright
              the starry lights.

Its existence, its essence
that keeps the flame
                   glowing and nourishing
                                              slowly melts.
in her hands.

Darkest And Deepest Nights

In the darkest and deepest nights,
when loneliness is by my side,
your thoughts glide in my mind,
reclaiming me from myself.

I close my eyes,
to wander in dreams with you beside,
a mirage, an imagination,
accompany me in the darkest and deepest nights.

My heart cries aloud,
a handful of wishes spilling out,
leaving traces of forgotten yestereens,
shadowed in the blankets,
of darkest and deepest nights.

07 June 2015

For My Mother – In – Law

Your heart, pure gold,
an ocean of love it holds.

Your eyes brightly aglow
with compassion they flow.

Your motherly care,
a soft warm air.

Your affectionate embrace,
wipes out my painful trace.

Your heartfelt blessings,
envelope me in protective wings.

Your soul pious of all,
quenching my thirst like waterfall.

Dedicated to my sweet mother - in -law.  She has always supported and encouraged me, she loves me like her own daughter . Her love and affection have always lifted me up. I wish every girl gets a mother- in -law like her.