26 December 2014

Winter Mist : Inverted Refrain

Fragile, smokey, winter mist,
scattering on to pine trees,
winter grains through summer sift,
on hills, valleys below spreading freeze:
                      Spreading freeze as summer sift,
                       winter mist on  pine trees.

From clouds it descends down,
gluing to every pine needle,
surroundings wear a white gown,
the chill sounds a bit feeble:
                             White gown descends down,
                              softly on to pine needles.

Summer colours fade away,
into rivulets they wash afar,
now, a grey slate lay,
sprinkling icy crystal stars:
                                Rivulets take colours away,
                                from the sky fall as stars.

A misty cap covers the forest,
milky way over the paths,
a beautiful heavenly adornment,
different ways it charts:
                          Milky way on paths and forest,
                          decorates the divine art.

Inverted Refrain: Created by Jan Turner.
Four six-line stanzas. 24 lines total.First two lines make a statement. Next two lines extract meaning.Last two lines are the inverted refrain and are an indented couplet.The rhyme scheme is a-b-a-b for the first four lines.Lines #5 and #6 are the inverted refrain. a-b or b-a.


  1. Such a lovely song in my heart after reading your beautiful poetry!

  2. Lovely words...so beautiful..♥

  3. I love the mist and sift of this. I once wrote a poem about the drape of snowy fog as a veil over winter's wedding vow.

  4. I like exotic form poems. You did nicely here, Vandana. The first cold spell always has a bit of magic. We have ours sans the snow here. Once in about ten years we have it.

  5. Lovely ...
    Happy New Year ...

  6. Such a wonderfully atmospheric poem. k.

  7. What a beautiful photo to accompany your words. Winter does have its own colors, though they tend to be muted.
    Thank you for visiting me at poeteryofthenetherworld.blogspot.com


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