14 December 2014

Holy Earth

Holy earth,
your gifts, we cherish,
shimmering  rain, fertile soil, fresh fruits,
bright sunshine, stardust.
Your splendor unsurpassed,
simple natural beauty,
golden tresses of sun,
garland of flowers,
fluttering butterflies,
tendrils, leafy gown,
your adorning jewels,
among stars you saunter,
touching the milky way.

Human greed, hunger, power,
engulfing your soul,
you cry in vain,
and writhe in pain.
But now you call for us all,
to save you from great fall.


  1. Let's hope we rise to the occasion. Timely reminder.

  2. She is worth saving for sure!

  3. A powerful plea on behalf of holy earth.

  4. Our mother earth is indeed sacred… how can we be be so careless to the one that supports us?

  5. Oh I sincerely hope this would happen..

  6. That is describing the traders that we know. When the oil price goes up they raise their price of goods. When now price of oil is down they are slow in adjusting. In the meantime they whine with sob stories for some untold reasons! Great lines Vandana!


  7. if only we listened...and cared enough to pay attention to what is going on around us....as we kill that which sustains us...


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