20 December 2014

Defining Death

Death is..........

the silent song of peace,
an amazing word,
merging different worlds.
The ultimate stroke of a painter's brush,
splashing canvas with the final touch.
The lost part of a puzzle ,
when found completes life.
A wish,
even if not wished,
A soulful embrace,
relieving all the pains.

Engulf me in thy arms,
I'll absorb all your warmth.


  1. I have never seen death described so beautifully......
    Magical words with beautiful meaning...;-)

  2. You've taken on a very complex, layered and mysterious theme and expressed yourself beautifully. That is quite an accomplishment. Kudos too you.

  3. embrace me in your warmth...
    death can be just that for some...
    death is what we make of it...much like life


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