26 December 2014

Winter Mist : Inverted Refrain

Fragile, smokey, winter mist,
scattering on to pine trees,
winter grains through summer sift,
on hills, valleys below spreading freeze:
                      Spreading freeze as summer sift,
                       winter mist on  pine trees.

From clouds it descends down,
gluing to every pine needle,
surroundings wear a white gown,
the chill sounds a bit feeble:
                             White gown descends down,
                              softly on to pine needles.

Summer colours fade away,
into rivulets they wash afar,
now, a grey slate lay,
sprinkling icy crystal stars:
                                Rivulets take colours away,
                                from the sky fall as stars.

A misty cap covers the forest,
milky way over the paths,
a beautiful heavenly adornment,
different ways it charts:
                          Milky way on paths and forest,
                          decorates the divine art.

Inverted Refrain: Created by Jan Turner.
Four six-line stanzas. 24 lines total.First two lines make a statement. Next two lines extract meaning.Last two lines are the inverted refrain and are an indented couplet.The rhyme scheme is a-b-a-b for the first four lines.Lines #5 and #6 are the inverted refrain. a-b or b-a.

22 December 2014

Global Warming : Ninette

Sea rising
Polar bears on
Brim of extinction
Global warming
Raising fangs

The Ninette is a form that uses nine lines. Each line increases by one syllable until the middle line, (five syllables) after which the syllable count in the lines following goes back down from four to one. The first and last words of this poem can be 1) the same 2) antonyms or 3) synonyms.

20 December 2014

Defining Death

Death is..........

the silent song of peace,
an amazing word,
merging different worlds.
The ultimate stroke of a painter's brush,
splashing canvas with the final touch.
The lost part of a puzzle ,
when found completes life.
A wish,
even if not wished,
A soulful embrace,
relieving all the pains.

Engulf me in thy arms,
I'll absorb all your warmth.

19 December 2014

Your Quietness: Triversen

Your quietness,
holding many voices,
echoing through mind.

Your quietness,
words sealed within,
pouring melancholy.

Your quietness,
seeping in the mud,
drops of tears.

Your quietness,
deep in heart,
a pearl of the pacific.

Your quietness,
pondering about life,
beyond the boundaries.

Your quietness,
the winter snow,
falling on me softly.

Triversen : An entire poem consisting of 6 stanza and there is no particular rhyme scheme with it .The concept is to have a sentence with three phrases with each phrase a line. 

17 December 2014

God’s Blessings : Harrisham Rhyme

God’s blessings pouring on terra,
Dripping through shadows,
Glowing forever, not ephemera,
Gossamer rays deific halos,
Resin soft glimmer, a protective vera,
Nip in the air blowing tone so mellow.

Harrisham Rhyme : created by a female poet named Harrisham Minhas, from India. It has is a six-line rhyming stanza. The last alphabet (letter) of the first word of each line is the first alphabet (letter) of the first word of next line. There is no restriction on the starting alphabet (letter)of the first line.Rhyme scheme : ababab.

14 December 2014

Holy Earth

Holy earth,
your gifts, we cherish,
shimmering  rain, fertile soil, fresh fruits,
bright sunshine, stardust.
Your splendor unsurpassed,
simple natural beauty,
golden tresses of sun,
garland of flowers,
fluttering butterflies,
tendrils, leafy gown,
your adorning jewels,
among stars you saunter,
touching the milky way.

Human greed, hunger, power,
engulfing your soul,
you cry in vain,
and writhe in pain.
But now you call for us all,
to save you from great fall.

10 December 2014

The Bee Hive : Rannaicheacht Ghairid

The bee hive,
a miracle of strive,
unsurpassed hardwork sublimed,
excellent paradigm live.

Buzzing bees,
dance, hum, ruffle with ease,
gather pollen, drink sap,
fly high, wings flap in breeze.

Amber juice,
the sweet  fruit of produce,
distilled, luscious , pure,
flavour of demure exudes.

The bees thrive,
in adverse conditions survive,
their abode -  the protector,
honey collector, the bee hive.

A Poem for my daughter!

Rannaicheacht Ghairid (ron-a'yach cha'r-rid): Irish poetry form having quatrain stanzas with uneven lines. The first line has three syllables, the other three have seven. The stanza rhymes a a b a, with a cross-rhyme between three and four and the opening word or phrase or line is also included at the end (to end where it began)
A x a
x x x x x x a
x x x x x x b
x x b x x x A

07 December 2014

My Spirit : Rhupunt

I bid adieu,
to azure blue,
I’ll remain true,
attached to you,
like a leafstalk.

Flying lone,
from this zone,
wading alone,
into unknown,
my spirit walks.

Rhupunt :  Welch form having three, four or more lines, of four syllables with a rhyming scheme a. a. a. B. / c. c. c. B. and so on. Last lines of each stanza rhyme…

05 December 2014

A Prayer: Vers Beaucoup

I pray that petals lay your way,
and rays dazzle in shades of hazel,
angel of happiness to bless,
refresh your life with no strife.

The dream you have shines with gleam and its stream,
without any seams, flows, grows,
glows with northern lights just right,
and bright, to higher successful peaks you rise and rise.

May this prayer through the air, over valley’s layer,
to you adhere, reside and hide,
in you confide, make you strong, to travel along,
this long road with love of god.

The Vers Beaucoup, rhyming word scheme of:
Each rhyme can only use a maximum of three words.

01 December 2014

The Divine Creation of God: Ovillejo

The divine creation of god,
you are grace of lord,
enchanting one and all.
Playing different roles,
of sister, daughter, wife, mother,
caring for us and others,
imparting strength further.
Precious of all the humans,
you the divine woman.
You are grace of god playing different roles, caring for us and others.
The "ovillejo," an old Spanish verse form that means "tight little bundle." ". The last line is a "redondilla," a "little round" that collects all three of the short lines. The rhyme scheme (aa bb cc cddc) is established, but the meter is at the poet's discretion.