09 November 2014

When You Say Nothing

When you say nothing,
I can still hear your whispers,
riding on the winds,
your heart beats, your thoughts,
connect to me,
like they have been for the past many lives.

Your love - a shadow of moon,
The deep tremors resonating within you,
I feel in here.
This mist around,
allow me to vaporize,
transforming to glowing fireflies,
lighting the surroundings, clearing the darkness.

An angel of god you are,
I have come too far,
there’s no turning back for me,
for my soul is bound to thee.

A castle you have made around yourself,
to be away from this world,
but at its door, you ‘ll find me waiting.

If you want to be the ship,
roaming the vast blue ocean,
let me be the wind flowing along.

I can wait for a thousand years to be with you,
and hear your voice calling my name.


  1. Sometimes silence speaks all that needs to be said...especially between those who love one another.

  2. I specially love this part:

    Your love - a shadow of moon,
    The deep tremors resonating within you,
    I feel in here.

    Thanks for linking up with Real Toads ~ Happy weekend ~

  3. When you say nothing I can still hear your whispers...so true. Esp when nothing is said the whispers become clearer. Nicely done.

  4. The yearning outside the doors.. But with the love the walls might crumble in the end..

  5. This carries an ethereal spirit feeling, for me...I enjoy this, too,

    "If you want to be the ship roaming vast blue ocean,
    let me be the wind flowing along."

    Beautiful and true to the tone in Salvatore's work.

  6. a feast of beautiful imagery here Vandana...the yearning also has such soothing effects...

  7. Beautiful fantasy imagery - I so love this poem Vandana :) I love the idea of being able to
    to vapourize and transform into glowing fire flies that clear the darkness :)

  8. This is such a beautiful poem :) Like everyone has mentioned above, the imagery is so vivid!

  9. I'll be your wind, blowing your ship along. Very nice, Vandana. Nice way of putting 'I'll be there with you wherever you go, even though we are apart.'

  10. There are times when silence speaks more than words can. This is so beautiful.

  11. Comparing love to a moon - waxing and waning as it does - is cool.


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