She Is A Woman

She may be tender,
as a butterfly’s wing,
but mesmersies the world,
when she sings.

Her heart may be soft,
as a light- beam,
but when she shines,
you glow with gleam.

She may seem docile,
as a jungle doe,
but without her,
you are lost.

Her fragile existence
as a patterned shawl,
protects you in every season,
be it winter, summer, rain or fall.

Respect her for who she is,
and not what she is,
life’s shades are because of her,
for she is a woman.


  1. You showed the mighty of woman being tender, soft...so powerful poem, Vandana :)x

  2. A beautiful tribute to women Vandana !

  3. there is a big difference between who i am versus what i am...or what i can do...which makes it really interesting as th first part sets up what you do....

  4. I like the idea of respecting one for who one is rather than what one is. Well expressed, Vandana.

  5. What an elegant description of a woman :)

  6. life’s shades are because of me,
    for I am a woman.

    How a lady can exert influence onto a man's mind! The age-old equalizer that triggers off good feelings between man and woman will always work wonders. Great lines Vandana


  7. Beautiful images in this - and very respectfully drawn - which is lovely praise, indeed.


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