19 October 2014

The Sea

Sun light fades in to you,
glowing waves with different hues.

You can kiss the lucid moon,
when your waves dance and swoon.

On mariners you cast a spell,
song of the sea in their hearts dwell.

Sailing on your undulations,
many find destinations.

You embrace a world of mystery inside,
mermaids, sirens, treasures, pearls in you hide.

Your voices resound the ocean floor,
soft foam washes the sea shore.

Winds bring your messages to land,
like an enchanted magical wand.

So much peace I find,
side by side I walk along with a free mind.


  1. What a lovely post. Your words and the artwork - lyrical!

  2. A lovely walk by the sea ~ I specially like the messages brought to the land like a magical wand ~

  3. ah i find peace there as well...i would so love to be at the ocean again and be able to see her more often....i need to get back...

  4. Beautiful Vandana lovely poem and image, I love the sea :)

  5. Rallentanda21/10/14 7:47 AM

    The sea does cast a spell . It is a life force in its own right, God like and magical. Your poem evokes this. Lovely !

  6. I like the sea, must go soon again. Will walk the sand.
    We live about 100 miles from the Gulf of Mexico, north of the Texas beaches.

  7. reading your poem resonates an appreciation of that peace, how vivid, i find empathy; have a good Monday

    much love...

  8. Gifts from the sea is the name of a book by Ann Morrow Lindburgh that you might enjoy--its meditative in little bits of priose. Like your poem, it is in love with the sea as companion.

  9. I really like the rhyming scheme. It's not rigid but it's clever and it flows nicely. Well done.

  10. such a serene poem Vandana… good to read before bedtime.

  11. Peaceful, soothing, with promises...I like that feeling.

  12. that side by side walk with a free mind sounds purely magical...

  13. My favorite walks are by the sea. You described it beautifully.

  14. It is beautiful and peaceful being by the water. There is a feeling of freedom. Great lines Vandana!


  15. gentle as a wave, Vandana ~

  16. this is entrancing...I feel the flow of the sea in the easy in which your words flow and rhyme. lovely.


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