06 October 2014

The Mystery Portal: Monchielle Stanza

The mystery portal,
holds secrets far beyond.
What lies there behind,
nobody till now knows?
Stands at the end of wynd.

The mystery portal,
guarding for centuries,
the realms unheard, unseen.
Peace, pain or heaven, hell
no one has ever seen.

The mystery portal,
hides deep in its heart,
riches infinite,
or misery untold.
Thoughts change like day and night.

The mystery portal,
an enigma to fight.
A puzzle unsolved,
dilemma bewitching,
mysteries behold. 

This form is the creation of the popular Norwegian poet, Jim T Henriksen. Usually has four stanzas. Each stanza consists of five lines of six syllables. The first line of each stanza is a refrain and in the four following lines, lines three (3) and five (5) Rhyme.


  1. Oh my I want to discover the mystery of it! I like this style to write poetry, thank you for sharing it.

  2. nice...would be cool to check out the mystery portal and see where it goes....sounds like an adventure could await....

    hey, can you email me?
    btm2007 at yahoo.com

  3. I love a good mystery & love it even more when one is solved.

  4. hmmm...you have me itching to enter the mystery portal...not so much for the untold riches, but because the misery untold has me curious...

  5. Wonderful allegory. Indeed, we are confronted with many mystery portals throughout our lives.

  6. A mystery portal, what lies ahead ~ Whatever it is, an exciting journey for sure ~


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