12 October 2014

I Remember Your Words

On a translucent foggy weather, I hear your giggles,
as if trying to clear the mystery of life.
Every time you whisper something,
it becomes more complex, unexplainable.

Far away is your abode, but I remember your words,
wrapped finely in wisdom and logic.
Sometimes logic fails to expand myriad thoughts,
may be a miracle can tell it all  ,though you believe in none.

Life’s an  unanswered quest,
in its glory we tend to rest.
You will find your answers,
go explore the unexplored, unknown.  

At IGWRT the theme is to write a poem based on Eugenio Montale’s poems. My Inspiration is “ I Recall Your Smile”.


  1. I love the idea of pinning "I remember your words" to "I recall your smile". Lovely.

  2. There is a bit of a mystery in the recollection ~ I specially like : Life’s an unanswered quest ~ I am not certain we can find all our answers, but we should explore the unknown, unexplored ~

    Thanks for participating Vandana ~ Wishing you happy weekend ~

  3. A loving smile is never forgotten -beautiful composition with a touch of mystery tenderness and a positive approach

  4. I like the idea of going on a quest to look for answers. This quest could last a lifetime. Smiles.

  5. "... in its glory we tend to rest." Yes, beautifully put.

  6. Yes, the answers are there...beautifully stated sentiments in the entirety.

  7. Go explore the unexplored....amen to that.

  8. whatever be the mystery of life all answers are there...beautifully affirmative in all respects..also love the line "in its glory we tend to rest."...so nicely put Vandana :)

  9. Very hard to find permanent answers as your poem suggests so cleverly. K.

  10. explore the unexplored to find find your answers, that is very true, ask nature she will tell
    you all you need to know and then some :)

  11. Maybe it's the search, that quest, that matters.. not the answers... To me your poem actually says so.

  12. Oh, Vendana, I was at Real Toads, too. Yours captures the essence of the nature and travel implicit in his poems. I especially love how the title popped up, "I remember your words." When it's all said and done and we are gone, that's what people will remember of each of us. Same goes for any kind of separation, right?

  13. I am on that quest exploring life now in retirement...we may never find those answers but sometimes I just change the question and enjoy the ride.

  14. the last lines in the first and last stanzas compliment each other well. I do like the idea of exploring the unexplainable and unknown to find the answers awaiting us. lovely.


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