19 October 2014

The Sea

Sun light fades in to you,
glowing waves with different hues.

You can kiss the lucid moon,
when your waves dance and swoon.

On mariners you cast a spell,
song of the sea in their hearts dwell.

Sailing on your undulations,
many find destinations.

You embrace a world of mystery inside,
mermaids, sirens, treasures, pearls in you hide.

Your voices resound the ocean floor,
soft foam washes the sea shore.

Winds bring your messages to land,
like an enchanted magical wand.

So much peace I find,
side by side I walk along with a free mind.

17 October 2014

Innocence: Tyburn

Your charming, warming, innocent looks,
flowing into slender, tender brooks.

Oh! beautiful, fair, feathered creature,
blushes, tresses define your feature.

Tyburn : 6 line poem having 2, 2, 2, 2, 9, 9 syllables. The first four lines rhyme and are all descriptive words. The last two lines rhyme and incorporate the first, second, third, and fourth lines. Rhyme Scheme:  xxxxee

16 October 2014

Sun: Pleiades

Sun's ever burning flame,
smoulders on horizon,
sunrays kiss morning dew,
shinning white pearly hue,
soothing eyes, heart, mind, soul,
showering warmth, love, care,
soaring the skies high.

Pleiades: 7 line poem with 6 syllables per line. Title is of one word only. First letter of title and every line is the same.

12 October 2014

I Remember Your Words

On a translucent foggy weather, I hear your giggles,
as if trying to clear the mystery of life.
Every time you whisper something,
it becomes more complex, unexplainable.

Far away is your abode, but I remember your words,
wrapped finely in wisdom and logic.
Sometimes logic fails to expand myriad thoughts,
may be a miracle can tell it all  ,though you believe in none.

Life’s an  unanswered quest,
in its glory we tend to rest.
You will find your answers,
go explore the unexplored, unknown.  

At IGWRT the theme is to write a poem based on Eugenio Montale’s poems. My Inspiration is “ I Recall Your Smile”.

11 October 2014

Stars In The Ocean: Burns Stanza

Aquamarine transparent sea floor,
besprent with tiny shiny spores,
a marvel of nature to explore.
Blue silk waves black sky,
from the heaven pour.
Dance in rhythm, soar high.

Stars float all over,
another domain to flyover,
singing songs to a loner.
Bright glittery nano drops,
warm the ocean all so colder,
lovingly two different worlds hop.

The Burns stanza : Named after the Scottish poet Robert Burns. Also called the Scottish stanza or six-line stave. Prior to Burns’s use, it was known as the standard Habbie, after Habbie Simpson. Rhyme scheme: aaabab.

06 October 2014

The Mystery Portal: Monchielle Stanza

The mystery portal,
holds secrets far beyond.
What lies there behind,
nobody till now knows?
Stands at the end of wynd.

The mystery portal,
guarding for centuries,
the realms unheard, unseen.
Peace, pain or heaven, hell
no one has ever seen.

The mystery portal,
hides deep in its heart,
riches infinite,
or misery untold.
Thoughts change like day and night.

The mystery portal,
an enigma to fight.
A puzzle unsolved,
dilemma bewitching,
mysteries behold. 

This form is the creation of the popular Norwegian poet, Jim T Henriksen. Usually has four stanzas. Each stanza consists of five lines of six syllables. The first line of each stanza is a refrain and in the four following lines, lines three (3) and five (5) Rhyme.

04 October 2014

Falling Angels: Sonnetina Rispetto

Shooting stars from heaven above,
falling down losing faith and love,
banished for reasons unknown.
Skies roar, clouds cry their hearts out,
nothing fertile can they sprout.
Scattered angels roam alone,
shooting stars from heaven above,
falling down losing faith and love.

Moist earth silently stares,
can’t hold them forever here.
Banished for reasons unknown,
scattered angels roam alone.
Shooting stars from heaven above,
falling down losing faith and love.
The "Sonnetina Rispetto” created by Dorian Petersen Potter in 2009. Has 14 lines with 8 syllables each.  The rhyme scheme: A1,A2,B1,c,c,B2,A1,A2,d,d,B1,B2,A1,A2. The capitals A1,A2,B1 and B2...stands for the refrain lines in the poem.

02 October 2014

I Don’t Belong To Anywhere Or To Anyone: Blues Stanza

I am a lonely leaf,
stuck here all alone, a lonely leaf,
soaked in pain and grief.

I carry a varicose heart,
crying and sad heart,
every word a piercing dart.

The wind brushes by,
caresses me and glides by,
it’s soothing touch,  a lie.

The world cares for blooms,
happiness it gets from blooms,
a sole leaf in this world has no room.

I don’t belong to anywhere,
no place to go anywhere,
my destiny is tied up here.

I am a lonely leaf,
stuck here all alone, a lonely leaf,
soaked in pain and grief.

The Blues stanza is poetry derived in the late 9th century from the Afro-American lamentation and sadness. The Rhyme scheme : A. A. a. . B. B. b. . C. C. c. etc.