11 September 2014

God Says.................

When lights roll back,
darkness cloaks the moon,
clouds roar mercilessly,
I’ll whisper hope into your ears.

When soul shatters,
mind and heart rip apart,
ghosts of past haunt,
I’ll whisper peace into your ears.

When wild winds uproot courage,
in storms boat drowns,
and every door shuts down,
I’ll whisper faith into your ears.

When life seems tragic,
No one to guide,
none to hold,
I’ll whisper magic into your ears.


  1. I like the whispering of hope, peace, faith and magic ~ May we always hear these words ~

  2. Someone to whisper magic into one's ears. What a lovely thought. Sigh.

  3. We all need someone / something to give us hope in those darkest of days! Enjoyed this.

  4. That's so beautiful ~ I love the repetition, like a prayer :)

  5. It is that belief of someone watching over us that gives us the strength to face the difficulties of life.

    P.S. Do check this link: http://imaginativespiral.blogspot.in/2014/08/happy-birthday.html

  6. Oh, this is beautiful Vandana, so inspirational :) Lovely, lovely, indeed :)

  7. I love these mantras to lift the cloak of darkness in life...beautiful as usual :)

  8. I used to be happy with 'sweet nothings' whispered in my ear, now I want magic!

  9. yes, your whispers are inspiring. this is why i name my site 'life-whispers'

    this was refreshing, hopefull and inspiring


  10. What a magical write Vandena.....full of hope and the true beauty of the heart!

  11. I believe every word of this nice poem, Vandana. Once when I was terribly down during our divorce (1st marriage) a friend said to me, "Jim, when it seems that no one loves you, just remember that God still loves you." I thought that was corny advice at first but now I tell of this situation to others going through hardships. It does not seem corny anymore.

  12. lovely … we all need to hear whispered words….


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