21 September 2014

The Lonely Autumn

I give shades of happiness and love to all,
but my emotions wilt like leaves and fall.
The truth of life is hard to define,
to my fate I resign.

I fill hearts with hopes of new beginnings,
and get crumpled beneath feet as forgotten wishes.
Stark realities mark this world,
for it, pain and hurt are just words.

I am the source of lavish splendor,
deep within I am fragile and tender.
No one knows of my agony,
alone I face this harsh reality.

Abundant harvest, fruits I offer,
still nothing ever in my fate alters.
I see them slip moment by moment,
and pray humbly for my atonement.

20 September 2014

Summer Sunshine

All the cozy- tender things,
from the summer field I gather,
some sparkling rays, petals of spring,
and a few down feathers.

I weave them into a soft shawl,
gently adorning emotions pure,
it’ll warm your winter whole,
with hopeful promises to assure.

Securely tuck it in your heart,
love and affection will fill inside,
warmness exudes its every part,
soft prayers within strands hide.

15 September 2014


I look for you everywhere,
in pellucid crystal sky,
as delicate clouds go sailing by,
among purple flowers,
gazing for countless hours.

I travel with winds,
hoping to catch your sight,
your aura, an angel light,
precious soulful  memories,
resonating melodies.

I follow the silver shine,
of sparkling indigo stream.
Soft whispers of a dream,
touch thy imprints,
to get your fragrant hint.

An eternal search for you,
like trickling drops of dew,
I murmur your name to forest,
and search for you my dearest……
and search for you my dearest…...

11 September 2014

God Says.................

When lights roll back,
darkness cloaks the moon,
clouds roar mercilessly,
I’ll whisper hope into your ears.

When soul shatters,
mind and heart rip apart,
ghosts of past haunt,
I’ll whisper peace into your ears.

When wild winds uproot courage,
in storms boat drowns,
and every door shuts down,
I’ll whisper faith into your ears.

When life seems tragic,
No one to guide,
none to hold,
I’ll whisper magic into your ears.