20 August 2014

We Belong To This Land

Elements of wind, fire, water, earth,
make our body a shrine. 

Deeds - good or bad,
feelings - warm or hard,
enlighten or darken the soul.

Countless gifts of nature,
pearls of the morning dew,
bright strings of sun,
smooth blanket of moon,
honey touched rain shower,
ginger red dusk,
 shrouds of the clouds,
adore this world.

One day, the wind in our breaths will choke,
the fire of our dreams will die,
the blood in our arteries will mix with water,
our skeleton will merge with ground,
finally,  the earth will reclaim us.
and we will know that we belong to this land. 

For IGWRT: The following quote is my inspiration To touch the earth is to have harmony with nature. Oglala Sioux


  1. of the native american / first nation that i know....i think they understand the land much better than us...heartbreaking that many of their old traditions are dying with them...they belong to this land, for sure....

  2. One can endure and accept all the goodness and punishments in life but it will all be just experiences best remembered. One goes away with nothing except some believe Karma did play its part during one's lifetime. Great lines Vandana!


  3. The further away from the land we get the more we die. Lovey work, Vandana

  4. How wonderfully you have written this! We are will merge into the same from what we were created. Like the lesson this poem imparts. :)

  5. A good lesson here. There is much wisdom in native American philosophy, and (yes) eventually we all do return to the land.

  6. I think you captured it perfectly.


  7. I believe you've eased many a weary soul today.

  8. This is very beautiful, Vandana. I love the idea of returning to this earth I love so much.

  9. lovely...there is something quite sad about the end and yet peaceful.

  10. Nature does always win, doesn't she?

  11. This is beautiful...We belong to the earth. This is a wonderful capture of the Native American spirit/philosophy. Thanks so much for lending your voice to the challenge.

  12. This is organic true. And the day we discover "that we belong to this land," we'll probably remember to give Her the love, respect and care She deserves.

    Love this!

  13. Nature reveals her beauty in your words Vandana...beautiful...and yes the native Americans do love their land and they know that they belong to it...

  14. Liking it, Vandana. Not nearly the same but it reminded me of "This land is my land, ..." by Woody Guthrie. [ http://woodyguthrie.org/Lyrics/This_Land.htm ]
    His song is one of my favorites.

  15. This is lovely! We do indeed belong to the earth. Thank you for visiting and commenting on my blog. :)

  16. All the wisdom traditions show life as the process of growing into wisdom. You poem is beautiful in that tradition.

  17. How true indeed ~ How wise are those words ~ Thanks for the lovely verses and reminder Vandana ~

  18. There is great wisdom in this beautiful write!

  19. A most wonderful reminder ...
    Nicely done ...

  20. Love the elements of wind, fire, water, earth ~ essential to survival ~ such blessings :)

  21. We very much belong to land!
    Nice :)

  22. Few realize that we are only caretakers of the land. Here to maintain the beauty until we pass it on to the next generation of caretakers. When you are one with nature there is no battle and no wars, for there in the depths of your being is the calm that peace brings you.
    By the way, thank you for you comment many a wound stays open, unable to heal. That is the hearts way of searching for answers.


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