20 August 2014

We Belong To This Land

Elements of wind, fire, water, earth,
make our body a shrine. 

Deeds - good or bad,
feelings - warm or hard,
enlighten or darken the soul.

Countless gifts of nature,
pearls of the morning dew,
bright strings of sun,
smooth blanket of moon,
honey touched rain shower,
ginger red dusk,
 shrouds of the clouds,
adore this world.

One day, the wind in our breaths will choke,
the fire of our dreams will die,
the blood in our arteries will mix with water,
our skeleton will merge with ground,
finally,  the earth will reclaim us.
and we will know that we belong to this land. 

For IGWRT: The following quote is my inspiration To touch the earth is to have harmony with nature. Oglala Sioux

03 August 2014

Sweet Desert Rose: Tritina

Wild, dry, lonesome, yet sweet,
a wandering child is the desert,
harsh or favonian winds, it smiles like a rose.

Crystalline sand petals remind of the true rose,
each particle immersed in memories salty and sweet,
beauty spirals through this rose in the wilderness of desert.

Along with the sun rejoices the desert,
for its companion is the rose,
into the world, wind blows this story so sweet.

Truth full companion to desert is the sweet desert rose.

Tritina : It comprises of three stanzas using the same three words in a Sestina like pattern, and a final line which uses the three words in the starting sequence:
A.. B.. C...
C.. A.. B...
B.. C.. A...