19 June 2014

Time’s Wind: Envelope Quintet

Sailing on time’s wind,
I pass through many stages,
right from birth to ripening ages,
turning one by one life’s pages,
stimulating memories forward and  behind.

As I sift the sands of time,
sadness, happiness, hatred, love fill my eyes,
a few words  hurt and a few sound wise,
like oceanic tides they rise,
I discard painful emotions, take the ones that rhyme.

The wind settles,
calm in my heart I find,
serenity invades mind,
 I remember his gestures so kind,
life is all about contentment and rolling blissful pebbles.

Envelope Quintet (Italian) is a 5 line verse in which the center lines are enclosed by the rhyme of the outer lines.Rhyme scheme:  abbba or  abcba or aabaa 


  1. It is a good thing if one can find a way to put painful experiences behind one and to learn to be content with one's life.

  2. we can find that contentment....we get so caught up in our next big thing we forget about what we have right in front of us...that can bring so much joy to our lives....

  3. I like that serenity and calmness invading the mind ~ Have a lovely weekend Vandana ~


  4. Firstly, i love the structure - envelope quintet. I am going to write one too! And secondly, well penned.

    "I discard painful emotions, take the ones that rhyme." - My favourite line. :D

  5. i must admit i got enticed by the pic of the leaf and the drop that looked like pearl...so i went to Man ke Manke first. Loved ur poetry there and everything about ur page made me feel joy and now coming here i have learnt something new today...Envelope Quintet. Thanks for providing that along with your well structured beautiful poetry about the essence of life. The lines, '' i discard painful emotions, take the ones that rhyme." ...will stay with me now along with Envelope Quintet.
    Thank you Vandana...for stopping by and thus bringing me here. That widget holding the flower...wow so cute...ur pages feel like garden to me...both ur pages. :)

  6. "I discard painful emotions, take the ones that rhyme." - I like the idea even though I sometimes find it hard to apply it to myself. And I love the closing line.

  7. Your repetition is most subtle, effortless it seems; the wind, the rhyme, the quintets (also new to me; thanks for sharing). Your piece feels both personal & spiritual. I like the lines /A few words hurt/a few sound wise/like oceanic tides they rise/.

  8. Very nice Vandana...enjoyed much. Contentment is so key, isn't it?

  9. I like this piece a lot! I'm afraid I'm guilty of rolling a lot of pebbles around (in my head). I shall have to make an effort to try and concentrate on the blissful ones. Smiles.

  10. Hi Vandana!
    Thank you for visiting my blog. Much appreciated! :)

    Oh I love to learn and try different forms of poetry. In my blog, I often experiment with all sorts of poetry. Thank you for introducing such an interesting form.

    Loved the rhythm, rhyme and message of the poem. If only we could be content, we'll have so less of disappointments in life.

    On other note, the hamster on the side bar is very cute. I like the fresh look of your blog. Would you like to follow each other?

  11. Contentment is key! hang on to it :)

  12. I like sailing on the time's wind.....revisiting different age stages...some kind of retreat...nice ~ and the form is interesting too!

  13. Yes life is all about contentment. :)

  14. Excellent Vandana what a fabulous poem, love the style, rhythm and rhyme!

  15. Lovely Vandana. Thanks for letting me know about this new genre of poetry. Would love to try it sometime :)

  16. A few words hurt and a few sound wise... each line is so true and beautifully written. :) I have already read it twice... smiles.


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