19 June 2014

Time’s Wind: Envelope Quintet

Sailing on time’s wind,
I pass through many stages,
right from birth to ripening ages,
turning one by one life’s pages,
stimulating memories forward and  behind.

As I sift the sands of time,
sadness, happiness, hatred, love fill my eyes,
a few words  hurt and a few sound wise,
like oceanic tides they rise,
I discard painful emotions, take the ones that rhyme.

The wind settles,
calm in my heart I find,
serenity invades mind,
 I remember his gestures so kind,
life is all about contentment and rolling blissful pebbles.

Envelope Quintet (Italian) is a 5 line verse in which the center lines are enclosed by the rhyme of the outer lines.Rhyme scheme:  abbba or  abcba or aabaa 

17 June 2014

A Forest Path: Goethe Stanza

A beautiful forest path I trail,

lined by lavender flowers,
their fragrances in my heart prevail,

I walk bare foot for countless hours.

Tall, mighty trees cover the dusty track,

soft breeze peeps through canopies,
twirling leaves across zodiac,

birds flicker around relish sweet berries.

Carpet of green grass rolls all over,

gently welcoming sweet songs of forest,
adding to it a tinge of falvour the wild clover,

bees dance around singing chorus.

A lovely walk to remember,

heart of a forest so tender,
gloriously it shines as an ember.

A natures’ marvelous splendour.

Goethe Stanza : Each stanza comprises of a single line, a couplet and a single line. Each single line rhymes with a line from the couplet, one starting and one completing the stanza.
 x x x x x x x a

x x x x x x x b
x x x x x x x a

x x x x x x x b

04 June 2014

A Secret Garden: Canzonet

My heart is a garden,
a secret flower grows there,
away from prying eyes so hardened.
Its seeds sprinkled from somewhere.
Going down the memory lane,
I remember your glimpse,
how your smile brings rain,
leaving on my heart your love’s imprints.

Every day I water this flower,
with dreams of tomorrow,
thinking about us wherever we are,
only hope as my guide to follow.
You’ll never know about my love’s riddle,
Or my heart skipping a beat with your glimpse,
Or turning my soul’s sea with a ripple,
leaving on my heart your love’s imprints.
The Canzonet is a lyric poem of varying line length and metrical patterns. It consists of at least two octaves, and each octave uses a series of alternating couplets. The last line or last phrase is repeated in each stanza of the subsequent stanzas. The rhyme scheme is thus:a. b. a. b. c. d. c. D.