24 May 2014

Night’s Magic: Nocturna

I am flying with you afar,
on the  wings of nightingale,
to a place among stars.
Ensconcing milky moon’s glow,
on a sea of clouds we sail,
touching cold white snow.
Floating free like a feather,
we’ll hide under night’s veil,
forever to be together.
When night holds the world under a spell,
and sings beautiful lullaby,
every heart rejoices where love dwells.
Mersmerised in this magic,
memories beautify,
dreams ecstatic.
As soft starlight rolls down,
whole ambiance mystifies,
the world in a peaceful sleep drowns.

The Nocturna ( basically a nine line poetry) contains  three line lessons recited during the night. The subject must be nocturnal and it consists of three couplets linked by the rhyme of the centre line; a. b. a. c. b. c. d. b. d.

11 May 2014

Never I Sleep: Stave Stanza


My eyes say a story,
of gory and glory.
Tears all dry,
with life’s lows and highs.
All day I weep,
and never I sleep.

Wrinkles on face,
travellers of space,
each line a road,
weighing under sorrow’s load.
So, I weep,
and never I sleep.

A silent witness of fate,
in an unending wait.
Lips sealed forever,
no hope to open ever.
That’s  why I weep,
and never I sleep.

In Stave Stanza the last couplets rhyme and the last line is a Refrain for all the subsequent stanzas. For a three stanza the rhyme scheme would be: a. a. b. b. c. C.... d. d. e. e. c. C. ... f. f. g. g. c. C.