27 April 2014

Desert: Cavatina

As I walk through this life’s vast desert,
crying lonely,
mirage and moonscape blur my vision.
Moving slowly,
in wilderness without hope and support,
dying only.
Dusty -harsh winds blow, wither- tear me,
water, dew, shade or rain drops, none I see.  
Sauntering ahead in land of unknown,
something glistens,
it’s not an illusion, spirit or maze,
at a distance.
Guides me further, paves my path, calms me down,
my plea he listens.
Oh! great god - pious and gracious,
you are where I find my oasis.

A cavatina is an Italian form consisting of a ten syllable non rhyming line alternating with a four syllable rhyming line, at least three times and completed with a ten syllable line couplet.


  1. What a challenging form, I specially like that ending line - you are where I find my oasis.

  2. A powerful poem with many layers in the journey..the ending brings satisfaction..smiles..

  3. great write. It fits the illustration perfectly

  4. Good cavatina-
    The exemplary theme,
    in non-rhyme.

  5. Beautiful, I love the hopeful ending. Nice Italian form, bravo :)

  6. what a great last line....you are where i find my oasis...what a comfort it is to rest in....smiles.

  7. I too like your last line. Interesting form, thank you for sharing this.

  8. Wow, you like a challenge don't you! Very well done love the picture and the words are
    incredibly beautiful :)


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